Reasons Why People Are Cutting the Cord | 2023

Cord Cutting

It is no secret that people are rapidly cutting the cord and saving themselves from excruciating cable bills. Whether it is a smart decision for some or a missed one for many, regardless the stats of cord-cutters are surely on a rise. 

There are several reasons that are leading to this major shift in the way we consume content, and in this post, we will get into these factors. 

If you are also someone who is thinking of making the move of cutting the cord, then read ahead to find out why it might be a good decision after all, and why is there a constant rise in this trend.

Cord Cutting

  • Streaming Services Have Taken Over

There is no hiding the fact that streaming services are ruling the world. It is hard to find any person who does not have a subscription to at least one streaming service. Be it Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+ and so many more! 

For using the streaming services all you need is high-speed internet, and you will be sorted for all your entertainment needs. Whether you opt for Live TV streaming services such as Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, etc. Or you go for streaming platforms such as Netflix, etc., it is surely all about the ease of choice. 

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The Competition among Streaming Giants Benefits the Users…

Now that streaming services are increasing in number, it means a rise in competition among themselves. This leads to competitive yet affordable pricing and better available content. 

This way you never run out of content to watch and keep your entertainment ON, at all times, with pocket-efficient pricing. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

  • The Affordability is a Key Factor

When it comes to cable TV, it often gets burdened on your pocket. The extensive cable TV plans are extortionate and at times the cheapest plans do not even include your favorite channels. This is one of the leading reasons among cord cutters. 

Cable standalone costs a lot, especially in a bigger picture where you are left with the channels you always skip on and yet pay for their existence in your channel lineups. 

On the other hand, for streaming services, the affordability factor takes the cake. Just pair your preferred streaming service with a good internet connection, and you will be good to go. For this, AT&T Internet surely deserves the spotlight where you get high-speed internet up to 5 Gigs, without overburdening your pocket.

In some cases, you do not have to pay for the Live TV streaming services and simply choose their ad-supported plan that costs nothing! So, you only have to sit through some advertisements and pay nothing. Whereas, on your cables, you not only have to watch the commercials but also pay hefty bills for it all. 

Hence, the affordability game still stays strong. 

  • The Ease of Choosing Your Favorite Channel & Content is a Perk

When you go for the cable TV alternative, the streaming services, you then have the choice to find and pick your favorite channels and content you want. This means you can opt for the plan that includes the channels that you want without the addition of more than the ones that you do not even watch. 

Now if you are a fan of HBO’s content then hands down HBO Max will be your go-to OTT platform. This means endless reruns of Game of Thrones and F.R.I.E.N.D.S for you!

  • Nobody Likes the Contract Hassles

Cutting the cord means finally getting rid of the binding contracts. The contracts are no less than a huge hassle where you have to abide by the rules of cancellation, or price changes. 

Why get into such contracts when you can be free and still access the available content elsewhere not only at budget-friendly prices but also at your convenience? If at any point you do not wish on continuing the streaming service subscription, you can simply cancel it without any extensive process. 

On the other hand, if you plan on canceling your cable TV plan, you get into a lengthy process with even early termination fees awaiting to be fulfilled. Not anything is worth this nuisance.

Final Verdict

If you were planning on letting go of the cord, and simply moving to the alternative then we recommend you to once do a thorough analysis of your entertainment needs and budget plan-outs. Don’t make a hasty decision that you might regret in the longer run. 

Surely cord cutting has its perks, but you will have to be careful while making this decision. Find out how much you are willing to spend now and what content is needed for you. Only this way will you be able to make a rather efficient and informed decision.

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