What Was the Nyan Cat?

Nyan Cat

Do you remember around 2011 when a cute little kitty with a pop tart for a body and a rainbow following behind it as it traveled space was circling around on the Internet? Do you remember the tune that got stuck in everyone’s head? It’s to the point that YouTubers posted the little meme to that background noise and let it loop an hour or more long video. That was the Nyan Cat!

Who was the creator behind this adorable, unique electronic cat? How did it become so popular? We will answer these questions and more in today’s highlight. Besides learning more about memes, you can also kick back and relax with your favorite games from betFIRST while you are online today.

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Who Created the Nyan Cat?

Christopher Torres, a local illustrator who lived in Dallas, Texas, created the Nyan Cat in April 2011 just to have some fun with it. He is one of the main producers for the LOL Comics website, and he just wanted to try a new, endearing project not knowing that its popularity would soar through the roof when he shared it online. 

Because of its popularity, the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences painted the Nyan Cat in the MIT lobby on September 7, 2011. It eventually became also known as the Pop-Tart cat because of its body having the rectangular shape of said snack featuring pink icing and red dots. More than likely, he’s a cherry pop tart!

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What Does Nyan Cat Mean?

Nyan Cat got its name because “nyan” is the Japanese sound and word equivalent of the American term for “meow”, the titular sound a cat makes. Hence, Nyan Cat can also translate to mean Meow Cat because of how it can meows or “nyans” in the background music on YouTube videos. 

The original creator was not responsible for the background music that was put to the Nyan Cat GIF soon after its release on the Internet.

A poster with the screen name daniwell Japan had utilized a voice synthesizer with a vocalist, Hatsune Miku’s voice to create the popular Nyan Cat background music that goes “nyannyannyannya” that we still all know and love today. 

The Many Versions Of Nyan Cat

Eventually, Nyan Cat was converted into various versions based on different countries, which made everything from a nationwide phenomenon to a worldwide one. Mexican, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish, French, Australian, New Zealand, South Korean, and many more country-related influences have their own Nyan Cat versions.

There are even religious Nyan Cats like Jew and a Christian Catholic version. 

People have turned this meme into even funnier memes with other pop culture references. Many popular characters have been turned into the Nyan Cat like Among Us and Hello Kitty.

One of the many memes of Nyan Cat include Patrick from Spongebob with his mouth wide open while riding on top of the original Nyan Cat flying through space.  

Nyan Cat As An EFT

Because of its soaring popularity over the first decade since its inception, Nyan Cat became a non-fungible token (NFT) available for purchase on the crypto markets.

The titular cat’s main creator, Christopher Torres, was responsible for selling the NFT for 300 ether per purchase. That equals $587,000 when converted to the United States Dollar (USD). 

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The Future Of Nyan Cat 

Millennials were enjoying this Nyan Cat during its initial release in middle school, high school, and as young adults depending on their year of birth between 1981 to 1996.

Nyan Cat still has a future of popularity on the Internet because of its many versions available to stream on YouTube that continue to bring joy to people of all ages. 

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