Remote Learning In Schools

Remote Learning

When we first learned about the new virus, which was later named Covid-19, no one expected that the changes caused by it would affect every sphere of our lives. The world and humanity have changed and will never be the same again. Many of our everyday activities from real life have gone online.

Covid-19 has made it usual to celebrate a birthday with Skype or Google Meets. People now know how to determine their size remotely when buying clothes online. We all learned to put ourselves in order in a couple of seconds and send a cat to sleep on the couch instead of your table when the boss asks to turn on the camera during a meeting. And, of course, don’t forget about the students.

Millions of young people around the world were forced to face the need to study remotely. Some schools and colleges are slower, and some are faster, but all have gradually concluded that there is no point in stopping the educational process; we need to find a way out. And this way out, of course, became online lessons. Of course, in the past, there were students in some schools who studied remotely, but this was more an exception than the rule.

It was often connected with the fact that the child either had some illness that did not allow him to attend classes or, for example, he could engage in some kind of sport professionally and often be absent due to competitions. But this phenomenon became widespread only during the pandemic. The learning process was rethought, and each participant, both teachers, and students made their conclusions. We will pay attention to some of them in this article.

Remote Learning

Modern technologies are important.

Many teachers have finally realized that it is necessary to use modern technologies in the learning process. If earlier you could always ask your school secretary or younger colleagues to help you, for example, turn on a presentation or send a document by mail, then after the lockdowns began, the ability to use gadgets became the only condition under which teachers could continue to do their work.

A considerable number of platforms appeared, among which everyone could choose the one that he likes and where it is most comfortable for him to work for conducting online lessons. Virtual classes have appeared, where teachers can share information in electronic form. Accordingly, you no longer need to carry books, printed scientific articles, and your didactic materials with you. You can share the link in a second, and all students, regardless of whether they attended this lesson or not, will have access to the materials. Also, don’t forget that many students, especially younger ones, find it much easier to perceive information visually. And it is pretty difficult to make it so that everyone in the class watches some video during the lesson.

The second thing is when students on their tablet or laptop can open and watch an interesting video about, for example, the First World War. However, this is where one of the biggest difficulties associated with distance learning lies. Students must have the necessary devices and a stable Internet connection, which, despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, not everyone has.

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Many written works

Even before this, most students complained that the amount of written assignments they receive is enormous; now, it is almost the main type of homework, ongoing verification of acquired knowledge, and exams. For many students, this has become a real problem since not everyone can write beautifully and competently, especially when it is necessary to do it on several subjects simultaneously and the number of assignments can exceed ten or fifteen. But there is a way out of every situation because competent entrepreneurs have realized and felt what businesses would develop in modern realities, and that is why we now have a wide selection of writing services and can choose the one that suits us best. But the most important thing will be to make the right choice because there are many services, and not all are reliable.

For example, when choosing a reliable helper, you can pay attention to When using this service, you will understand what quality and speed are, and you will not have to doubt and worry that you have made the payment but will not receive the written essay. Also, as a reliable assistant in writing an essay, you can turn to, where professional writers will always be ready to help you write any, even the most difficult task within the specified deadline.

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Teachers and parents should act as a team.

Distance learning also showed how important the role of parents is in the process of obtaining an education. Many parents used to believe that their main task was to send the child to school, and then all the responsibility rested on the teachers. Now it is becoming evident that if you want the student to continue to receive a quality education, not miss classes, and be able to complete all the tasks set before him, you, as parents, need to work together with the teachers, helping your child with such things as connecting to a video conference, setting up all gadgets and periodic monitoring of what they are doing during lessons.

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