Are You Asking These Questions Before Renting To Tenants?

Renting to Tenants

Landowners are often confused while choosing the right tenants for their property. As you advertise your residential location for rent, you may receive a positive response from several interested renters. Choosing the right tenant for your property is not as difficult a task as you considered.

Arrange an interview with the interested renters and hold a screening test. Whether you have apartments for rent in Huntington Beach or any location, the screening test can help you assess the most suitable inhabitants for your residential property. 

Renting to Tenants

What kind of rental home do you require? 

It should be the first and foremost question. The tenants can tell the size, room, and other required facilities in the next rental home. This question can help you determine whether you have approached the right renter or not. Thus, the renter can better tell the demand. As a homeowner, you can better assess that your home fulfills the requirement of the renter. At this point, you can decide to quit the interview or continue in case of a synergetic reply. 

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What is the reason for shifting from the previous home?

Of course, tenants may have several reasons. Some will tell the workplace issue while others may seek better and upgraded apartments. Tenants always give positive reasons to leave the previous home. As a rental homeowner, you should not rely on the tenant’s answers. Rather you should demand the Landlord reference cheque from the tenants. Reference cheque will ensure the homeowner that the potential tenant is not evicted from the previous residence. No one likes to hire a leaseholder with poor payment records.  

How much time have you spent in the previous home?

The shorter stay at a rental home reveals the instability of the tenants. So, they can do the same with you leaving the house sooner. The longer stay at rental homes helps to build a trusted and valuable relationship between the owner and tenants. 

When will you move into my rental home?

Some may answer “immediately”. If a tenant is searching for a rental residence in hurry, it can be alarming for you. There can be several possibilities, they have not given notice a month before to the previous landowner and want to shift immediately. In other cases, they are living as a paying guest to any family and want to shift instantly. Or they are evicted from the previous residence and want an immediate location to live.   The reasons to shift immediately can satisfy you. A committed renter will tell you the logical reason for the previous residence that they have to pay bills and other charges. After that, they can move into your home, which shows the commitment and transparency of the renters. 

Have you ever been convicted of any crime?

Surely, if they have, they will not tell you. But you can demand a reference check from the previous landlord. 

How many members are in the family or unit?

Renters may have larger or shorter families. So, you can better determine if the number of bedrooms is appropriate for the family. Sometimes, close friends or university fellows want to rent a home or small apartment. If 7 friends come to your two-bedroom apartment, it can or cannot fulfill the needs of the whole unit. Moreover, homeowners have to also determine the legal limits of rental places. If a greater number of people want to share a single bedroom, it is illegal and also impossible to accommodate. 

What is the total income or employment nature?

Not all tenants reveal their true monthly income. They can either underscore or over-score the income to get the rental place. So, you can assess the monthly income with credit history. A survey, in 2016, revealed that 60% of homeowners suffer from rent payment issues for a lack of resources. 

In addition, if a tenant refused to tell the monthly income, no issue. The nature of the job can tell you better about the credit record and economical condition of the family. It is a crucial question that all landlords should ask before moving the rental inhabitants into the home. The higher job nature leads to better monthly income. 

When will you be able to pay the monthly rent and security payment?

Usually, a tenant should pay a security deposit and first rent in advance. The best time is that they will pay before shifting to your rental property. If a tenant does not agree to pay in advance. It may cause trouble for you in the upcoming months. Sometimes, tenants have to evict or leave the property within the initial months, security deposit ensures the owner that they have something in hand. 

Have you any pets in the home?

Pet policy should be clear in the advertisement of the rental home. Thus, only relevant inhabitants will contact you. You may or may not allow pets. In case, if you allow pets, set the number of pets allowed in the home. The rental home agreement should have a clear policy about pets. Landowners often charge extra security deposit if they allow pets, as pets are often uncontrolled and can damage the property when furious. 

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Have you any questions in mind before moving in?

Clear the queries of the potential tenant before they move in. Moreover, renters can have certain demands. Thus, if your rental location cannot fulfill those necessities or demands, skip them and start screening of next renters in the Que.  

Residential VS commercial properties may have different rules and regulations for tenants. However, screening is necessary to choose the most suitable family or unit for your residence. Further, screening tests help you communicate with the tenants leading to better landlord and tenant relationships. If you have selected the next tenant for your rental home. Record all answers to the test in writing. Make a document and let the renter sign it ensuring that the given information is true and accurate. In case of any misleading fact, you can use this document legally as proof.

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