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The Kermit memes are sarcasm at its best and feature a photo of Kermit sipping tea make a hilarious observation about someone or something and then pretending like it doesn’t bother him. Kermit the Frog is a much-loved puppet character created by Jim Henson. Kermit stared at the host of the Muppet Show and also made appearances on Sesame Street and quite a few movies. Ever wonder what Kermit does when the tea runs out, and the clouds roll in? The rise of the meme appears to have shed some light on the question. While this meme popularity has waxed and waned, he has been a popular source of memes, especially the “But That’s None of My Business” series since 2014.

What does kermit meme mean?

Kermit the Frog is a much-loved puppet character created by Jim Henson. Kermit stared at the host of the Muppet Show and also made appearances on Sesame Street and quite a few movies. Kermit has made the jump from television and movies to popular Internet culture via the meme.

Funny Kermit memes

Here you’ll find a collection of funny Kermit memes that’ll satisfy your inner cynic. Do you have a responsibility that needs taking care of and is making you sad? This meme feels it best to treat yo’ self to a little luscious you-time instead. Conscience insisting you do the right thing? our meme is here to bitch slap that idea back into the ray of sunshine it sprang out of. So the next time you’ve got a case of the “f*ck, it’s,” come on in and scroll through these Kermit pictures. Rest assured you’ve come to the right place for beautiful memes.

sad kermit meme

When you are sad, you should not listen to sad music if you don’t want to worsen your situation. It’s advised to listen to music that can motivate you. You can use this meme to drive who is depressed.

kermit the froh meme

When you try to roast someone but stuttered, lols, The reaction when you try to bake someone but you started to say something with difficulty, repeating the initial consonants of words.

kermit the frog meme when a firend says they need help

When a friend says they need help, we should always ready to help our friends anytime they need our help, tomorrow might be their turn to help us. Send this meme to that good friend of yours and make them happy.

kermit meme yall gonna scroll

Y’all going to scroll by without saying hi, we should learn how to be checking on our friends and family. They will always appreciate the kind gesture.

kermit meme wifi connected

Most time some wifi can be so annoying, the reaction is always adverse when you are connected to wifi, but the network is not Send this meme to your co-worker who can’t do without office wifi.

kermit meme when you see a puppy

When you see a puppy, some can’t just withstand puppy as if the puppy is going to swallow them lol. Send this meme to that friend of yours that is afraid of a puppy.

kermit meme when the teacher pronounces your name wrong

You feel embarrassed when your teacher mispronounces your name in front of your fellow students. Send this meme to your classmate that your teacher always pronounces his name wrong.

kermit meme when someone says he doesnt know kermit

When someone says, he doesn’t know Kermit, the frog because he doesn’t want to look childish. Lols. These memes are not silly; it’s just another cute and simple way to put a smile on someone’s face.

kermit meme when nobody understands your musical taste

Most people don’t know what they want, lols, most especially ladies. This meme can be used to mock them.

kermit meme whe nyou come back home

When you come home, and you see your dog, and your dog sees you. Dogs are fond of running to welcome their owner back from work lols.

kermit meme what their name is

Ladies are always guilty of this; it’s a bad attitude that needs to be corrected. If you have someone fond of this, send her this meme lols.

kermit meme u play fighting

Ladies are like a precious stone that must be handled with care; you should avoid rough play with them. If you have a brother that love playing rough with his girlfriend, send him this meme to caution him.

kermit meme travel as much you can

Travel as much as you can if you have the time and money, you only have one life to live, enjoy it. Send this meme to your friend to make them happy.

kermit meme too lazy

Cleanliness is next to godliness; you can use this meme to mock those that are too lazy to tidy up their room lols.

kermit meme teacher

The way the teachers sits at the parent’s conference meeting always amaze me lols, they will want to ruin all the privilege their student have at home. If you have a teacher that does that, send him/her this meme to crack him/her up.

kermit meme take picture

This always happens to guys; some guys don’t even bother looking at the mirror talkless of taking pictures. If you have a friend like that, send him this meme.

kermit meme school

I hate when someones in my class is like OMG I need 79 on the final to get A in the class as if he/she is the only one that wants A. It’s after an exam that you will know the category you belong to. lols

kermit meme people ask for direction

In this life, some people don’t know how to give direction; you should always learn to keep mute anytime someone is asking of the place you don’t know. lols

Go light today, focus on technique, this another fascinating meme you can use to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

kermit meme one last time you deserve it

I am going to start eating healthy; it’s difficult for some people to begin healthy living because they are used to overfeeding lols, send this meme to that brother that can eat anything but running away from eating healthy.

kermit meme mood today

Which Kermit mood are you today? You can use this meme to ask friends, fellow worker their mood for the day and believe this picture will put a smile on their faces.

kermit meme gets money

Its always good to save money so that you can be able to afford whatever you want in the future.lols. Send this meme to a friend that spends lavishly in the form of advice to him/her.

kermit meme me this summer

The summer is here; this is the only time some people have to enjoy their life, eat well, and catch some fun. lols

kermit meme me also me

I am going to start eating well and lose weight soon lols, if you want to lose weight, you reduce the amount of food that enters your mouth. Lols. Send this meme to your friend that overeat.

kermit meme funny

This is what happens to those that love watching seasonal movies; if you sleep early, you wake up early. There are no two ways about it.

kermit meme look for back up

It pained when you are arguing with someone thinking, your friend will join you in the conversation, but the person did not. lols

kermit meme if you are not scared

If you are not shy, you should be able to confront whosoever you are crushing on, it’s not a crime lols.

kermit meme fart at work today

This is another hilarious meme you can send to your fellow worker who fart to crack them up; the point is that you should stop eating food anyhow.

kermit meme fluffy dog

The love of a dog can make some people commit a crime; this is not a joke. It happens.

kermit meme 8 moods in the day

The eight moods i go through in a day; in any situation you find yourself, you should always learn to be happy. Send this meme to loved ones to make them happy.

funny kermit meme

If two vegetable is aguing, this is yet another cute and simple way to put a smile on your friends and family faces.

kermit meme 1000 dollars iphone

In the generation that we are in, even with your mobile phone, you can make some cool cash for your self.

funny kermit meme looking fot where i ask for your opinion

When you share your opinion with someone, and they share theirs with you, then both ideas seem more comfortable.

Kermit love memes

We have put together collections of Kermit love memes for your loved ones. This is arguably the most famous Muppet character to crossover into the mainstream cultural zeitgeist from the famous children’s show, Sesame Street. Kermit’s iconic voice and image have made him an internationally recognized character. Though Kermit remains a beloved children’s character, these memes have given the iconic character new life on the internet and can also be used to appreciate the love of your life.

sad kermi meme less than a dollar

You deserve the world baby, but unfortunately, i have less than a dollar. lols. If you want to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face, send her the funny meme

kermit love memes

Me when i see you, do you have a friend that by merely looking at him alone makes you smile, then him this meme.

kermit love memes your voice me

This is another romantic meme you can send your girlfriend to brighten up her day.

kermit love memes waiting for you to text me

Waiting for you to text me, some girls can be funny at times, and that is the truth. Some can’t sleep without receiving goodnight text from their boyfriend. lols.

kermit love memes me witout that smile in your life

Me without a smile in my life, in any condition you find your self in a relationship, always learn to smile. lols

kermit love memes me when i see your cute ass waking up

This meme goes to those guys that love looking at ladies ass, lol. Some can’t do without babes. You can use this meme to mock them.

kermit love memes me admiring your perfectness

It is good to admire perfection because perfection is a dream created when humankind strived to be better; Perfection comes in several ways. It can be the beauty of a perfect flower, a sunset, or a child.

kermit love memes marry me

This is the best meme you can send to a girl you are planning to propose to; it’s another lovely idea you can imbibe.

kermit love memes love and affection

If you just met a girl you are in love with, send her this lovely meme to brighten up her day.

kermit love memes 4 mood to lovong you

My four mood for loving you, sending this meme to the love of your life is another lovely way of making him/her smile.

Kermit the frog tea meme

You can make use of our Kermit the frog tea meme collections we have put together for your pleasure. It is a tale of intrigue, rebirth, and triumph. So the next time you want to throw shade at someone for leaving their dirty dishes on the counter even though the sink is right there, you have the perfect, mean, tea-sipping amphibian meme to deploy. I mean, sure, would confronting the situation like an adult instead of turning to passive-aggressive memes be a more mature way to handle the situation? Maybe.

kermit the frog tea

Some just like posting rubbish online, how dog eats is none of your business, and some people will not even confirm news before posting it.

kermit the frog tea meme

Your heels look like raggedy croutons in those flip flops; this is another amusing meme you can send to a friend telling him is non of my business.

kermit the frog tea meme woman and wife

Ladies are the most confused people in the world, but that is non of my business lols. Send this meme to them to mock them.

kermit the frog tea meme when your friend starts to spill the tea

When someone spills the tea, and you have to act like you don’t already know lols, but that is non of my business.

kermit the frog tea meme ufc kfc

People can be so funny, can you imagine yourself wearing a jersey of a team you are not supporting. Tag that your friend who is a victim of this attitude.

kermit the frog tea meme science and the news

The way people react when there is approaching hurricane, no one wants to die lol. Life is good.

kermit the frog tea meme eyebrowns wash off in the rain

Your eyebrow washes off by rain; this meme goes to the ladies that can’t do without makeup. Use this meme to mock them.

kermit the frog tea meme drama in the groupchat

When you are watching the drama go down in the team group chat. This yet another cute way to make people group chat laugh.

kermit the frog tea meme christmas sidechick

Merry Christmas to all side chicks, if you have a friend who is married but still running around with side chicks, send this meme to mock them.

kermit the frog tea meme black friday

On this spending on Black Friday, if you have a friend that will not buy anything online not until black Friday, tag them this meme.

Sad kermit meme

Sad Kermit meme became the hottest meme on the internet in early November 2016, mere hours before politics took over everybody’s social media timelines. The original meme was a truly wholesome joke about dog-napping: This meme is not Kermit, but his doppelgänger nemesis Constantine. You might still observe one in the wild today, though this Kermit’s internet presence is not as dominant as it once was. But whenever your inner demon tempts you toward any form of depravity, lust, laziness, anger, or, of course, dog-napping, no meme will do the job like bad Kermit.

sad kermi memes

It pained when you are trying to show someone something and the person is not paying attention. lols.

sad kermi memes have my life together

If you have a thought about this life, you realized that this life is nothing, do your best and leave the rest. You can use this meme to encourage to friends.

sad kermi meme

When all your friend have plans for the weekend, and you don’t have someone to hang out with. Lols. You will surely think of committing suicide.

sad kermi meme when your friend post a picture

This is another hilarious meme you can send to a girl who is always full of her self and make her happy.

sad kermi meme screenchot

The reaction is always amusing when you are trying to screenshot on your phone, and this happened. lols

sad kermi meme misetable and depressed

You should try not to be depressed in whatever you are passing through because it mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.

sad kermi meme me after i convince myself

Everything is all about to believe; you should always believe in yourself; you can do it. Send this meme to your lovely ones to encourage them.

sad kermi meme exercise

We should learn how to exercise ourselves every day rather than sleeping all day; this is good for our health.

sad kermi meme character un a series

One of the painful thing in this life is to love someone, and the person refused to love you back. Lols, The reaction is always adverse.

sad kermi meme already tired of tomorrow

Lols, this meme can be used to mock a lazy set of people that don’t like work lols. Can you imagine, tired before tomorrow.

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