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80 Dog memes

It’s pretty much a known fact that dog memes can lift your mood, but when there aren’t any fluffballs around, it’s time to go to the next best thing: memes. These viral pups have found fame on the internet for their sheer cuteness and adorable hijinks. It’s the perfect little pick-me-up for when you’re missing a puppy of your own. When you spend as much time looking for a meme on the Internet as we do, you start thinking of our memes. Here are some perennial faves that every dog lover should have in their arsenal.

What’s dog meme?

Dog memes can mean a lot of different things; doge is an Internet meme that became popular in late 2013. This meme usually consists of a picture of a Shiba Inu dog accompanied by multicolored text in Comic Sans font in the foreground. The meme is based on a 2010 photograph, being named as “top meme” of that year. A lot of funny dog memes came after, using diffenrent expression to assiociate them with everyday life situation.

Funny Dog memes

We decided it was time to give the internet what it desperately needed a collection of funny dog memes. These memes are vastly superior to generic dog meme, and dogs agree that these memes are inadequate to the bone. It’s time to take a moment of paws from your rough day at work and remember that no problem in this world that can’t be fixed by the mere presence of a doggy.

funny dog meme

When you thought the argument was over and you are at peace, but she is not. Lols. This is what happens when you have a talkative as a girlfriend who will always argue with you. This meme can be used to make them laugh.

dog meme whenever i see dog

Me whenever i see a dog lols, some people in this world love being around dogs always, they can’t do without them, so if you have a friend that can’t do without a dog. Send him/her this meme.

dog meme throw a stick

When you throw a stick, and your dog brings another thing entirely. According to research, dogs are ones of the best pet; they know how to play with a human being.

dog meme thought

You have no idea how tough i think i am. When it comes to security, a dog is one of the best because whenever everybody is sleeping at night dog is always awake.

dog meme summers around the corner

Summer around the corner and that is me on the left, most of dogs owner don’t like taking their dogs along with them whenever they are going for summer, and this usually affects dogs when it comes to the aspect of feeding. lol

dog meme speak

One of the challenges dogs has, is the inability to talk if not, they would have been the one revealing some secret in the house to their owner. Lol. This meme can be used to send some good laugh to loved ones.

dog meme sneaking into the ktichen

A lot of things happen in the house in which it is the only dog that knows about it like this one sneaky to kitchen at 2:24 am without pant. lols

dog meme rings at the door

Your dog when someones ring the doorbell, when it comes to the security of a house, a dog is always at alert. Don’t be surprised some of them don’t even like seen strange faces else. lol

dog meme ring

When your dog hears the doorbell ring, some dogs don’t joke with it when it comes to securing a house; they love to protect human lives.

dog meme philosophy homework

When your dog eats your philosophy homework lols, this is what happens when you refused to feed your dog well. Lol, send this meme to that friend of yours that loves starving his dog.

dog meme people dont say hi

This is what happens when you feed your dog well, there will be an increase in every part of the body of the dog, and other dogs will start running away from your dog. lol

dog meme parka

My mom bought my dog a parka, and he is to fat for it to button. This is what happens when you purchase a small size cloth for your big dog. This meme can be used to put a smile on dog lovers faces.

dog meme of your dream

This is another hilarious dog meme you can send to a friend who is having a bad day, and he/she will turn happy. lols

dog meme mirror mirror

Mirror in the bowl, who is the best son you know. The reaction is always priceless when you send this meme to those that can’t do without a dog to brighten their day.

dog meme mechanic

I can get you back on the road but is going to cost you some chicken nuggos sir lol. Do you know that a dog can also serve you in the workshop? Send this meme to a friend who is a mechanical engineer.

dog meme meatball

When you are cooking and dropping a meatball on the floor lol, this is one of the best situation dogs love finding themselves lol.

dog meme lose at fetch

You can lose at fetch if you never give the ball back, this is another amusing meme you can use to motivate your loved ones.

dog meme life keeps beating you down

When you are trying to stay positive, but life keeps beating you down, it is good to do what is right. No matter what happens, stay positive. Lol. This another meme you can use to motivate people around you.

dog meme its one tuesday

Do you mean to tell me its only Tuesday? This meme is good enough to put a smile on your co-worker face who is having a bad day at the office.

dog meme it's behind me

It’s behind me, isn’t it? We have to be security conscious in everything we do, especially in the house because of strange wild animals. lols

dog meme in 10 years

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years, the majority of us cannot answer this simple question, especially no future ambition and in another perspective some people joke over everything. Lol.

dog meme i don't always fart

Some people don’t like using their convenience to inconvenience other people; they always like to respect themselves whenever they want to pollute the air. Lol. This meme can be used to mock that your friend that can fart anywhere. Lol

dog meme haircut

My dog got a haircut, and now it looks like he gave up drinking. Hair covers all the part of dogs in which most time you can’t say if your dog is fat or not because of the gravity of the hair. This is another funny meme anyway to crack someone up.

dog meme hair

Almost all dogs love it whenever they are playing with their hair, it is a lovely moment for them, but don’t try it if you are not the owner of the dog lols.

dog meme girl mad at you

When your girl is mad, and you are trying to cheer her up, this happens typically between boyfriend and girlfriend. Most time if your girlfriend is angry, the best thing you can do is to avoid her for that moment and later send her this meme.

dog meme funny outfit

The reaction is always hilarious when you go out, and someone is wearing the same outfit, and you are lol, most times some girls will go back home and change to another dress lol.

dog meme friend from school

I am married with two investment properties; no meme has ever completed fun without this meme if you have a friend that loves going home with school properties, this meme can be used to mock him.

dog meme french fries

How on earth will you allow your to start teaching your kid lol? Definitely, it will teach him/her wrong thing.

dog meme free dog

They finally freed my dog. If your dog arrested for violating rules and regulation and they finally release the dog lol, the reaction is always great that your dog gains his freedom back.

dog meme first instinct

This is actually what happens in real life; some dogs don’t like playing with those they are not familiar with lols.

dog meme everytime somebody types

Every time someone type ‘tehehehe’ this is what i imagine, this is another emotional meme you can send to those you cared about.

dog meme emotional support

This is the best emotional support your dog can offer when you are done telling him your problems lols just because of his inability to talk.

dog meme dinners

Dog behaves as human most times maybe is because the way they play with them. Don’t be surprised if your dog knows the actual time you eat dinner everyday lol. This meme can be used to put a smile on someone’s faces.

Dog meme dad

You can’t hate dogs; they are one of the best pet, effortless to play with, they protect the house from been attacked by unwanted people. Lol. Send this meme to your dad to make him happy.

dog meme crush

Your crush is coming this way be cool; this is another hilarious meme you can send to someone you are crushing on, the person can’t help it but laugh.

dog meme crackhead

Have ever find yourself in a situation where you are trying to avoid eye contact with a person, but the person kept on looking at you. Lol

dog meme car ride

If you send this meme to a friend, he can’t help it but laughs because of the reaction of the dog on the picture just because of a car ride. lols

dog meme boots

Are you wearing the channel boot, yes i am lol when it comes to this type of meme you will always find something to laugh about the picture.

dog meme black hole

What a lovely meme, this can be used to tease those that can’t do without a dog. Any meme about a dog will always put a smile on their faces.

dog jokes

This goes to those that refused to study well for their test lol, At least you feel relax because the stress is over.

Cute dog memes

If you are looking for some of the cute dog memes, you have come to the right place. Dogs are literally (almost) impossible to hate. They will do anything for us to love them, and no matter how terrible the event we endured, they will do everything to get us to at least smile and laugh. We genuinely don’t deserve these wondrous pets. These loyal canines are case and point.

funny cute dog meme

When you grow out of your favorite shirt, lol, we always have this shirt we love wearing and will never share it with anyone not even giving it out. lols

dog meme not ready for monday

I am not ready for Monday, can i have another Sunday, this goes the lazy set of people that don’t like going to work. You can use this meme to mock them.

cute dog meme

Most time if we woke up in the morning and the body is still weak, that is usually the way we always react, but if we are going to somewhere essential that day, there is nothing we can do than to get ourselves prepared for the day.

cute dog meme whos lil man is this

Do you know that you can also send your dog an errand? This another great advantage of having a dog. Lol.

cute dog meme when i lose 2 lbs

Me when i lose ibs lols, is this how to treat a common disorder that affects the large intestine. Signs and symptoms include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation, or both.

cute dog meme stuck

Hello there, i am stuck. Dog plays around the compound always, times they find themselves in a condition in which they can’t help themselves. lols

cute dog meme someone convince me to go out

It pained when someone promised to take you out, and you have prepared, but the person changed his mind lols. This meme can be sent to a girl to crack her up.

cute dog meme peacock

Have you ever been so happy? In any situation, we find ourselves let us learn to be satisfied. This meme is good enough to make your loved ones smile.

cute dog meme pat my head

You may part my head gently with your pinky finger. Lols, pets always love it when you touch their head. lols

cute dog meme clean my room

Some people are just lazy when it comes to cleaning of the room; this can be used to mock that your friend of yours that don’t like cleaning his/her place.

cute dog meme before holidays

As we all know that holiday is the only period some people get to relax all the stress they have passed through been in workplace or school.

Puppy memes

Nowadays, the internet is full of a lot of memes, and that includes puppy memes. If you have been spending hours looking at them, we don’t blame you. After all, puppies are cute, sweet, and hilarious. Just looking at them can quickly melt your sadness, stress, and frustrations away.

puppy memes

When your girlfriend is mad at you, but you ask if she is hungry, to be sincere, that shows how much you love her. This is an excellent meme for love birds.

puppy memes cop follow you

We always feel safe whenever we have a security person beside us. The reaction is still high when cop follows you from house to work.

puppy meme

This is another hilarious meme to make someone laugh lol, this is not a puppy holder for cry out loud. lols

puppy meme perfect gift

Perfect gift in the mail. Sending this meme to that friend of yours is another fascinating way to make him happy.

puppy meme oreo cloud

This is yet another cute and straightforward way to make your loved ones laugh with this scary puppy. lols

puppy meme its monday already

It’s Monday already If you have a friend that goes late to work on Monday this meme can be used to mock him lol.

puppy meme im done carry me

Sometimes if you are doing a road walk with your dog, and you get to a stage, and you are tired. You can make someone laugh with this meme. lols

puppy meme funny

This is another lovely meme you can use to seek for help lols, the person you are sending this meme to must laugh.

puppy meme dont you dare

Don”t dare touch my treat; this meme can always be used to sound a note of warning lols.

puppy meme cute

I heard you talking to another dog at the part lols, come to think of it in another perspective, this is another way of telling your girlfriend indirectly that you no longer interest in her again lol.

Smiling dog memes

We have put together collections of smiling dog memes to brighten up your day. Opinions aside, there are few things that we can all agree on, except for the fact that dogs are damn impressive. Whenever you need a reason to smile, they’re right by your side to cheer you up, whether that’s by acting goofy, doing the funniest of things or just offering a belly to rub. Their ability to turn a bad day into a good one is unrivaled.


You face when your haters are hating, but you prove them wrong, sending this meme to your hater is one of the best ways to mock them.


If you have a friend that his teeth are as white as snow like the teeth of the dog on the picture, this meme can be used to send some good laughter to him.

smiling dog meme

Thank God its Friday, everybody loves Friday because it is the beginning of the weekend, you go to the party on Friday, relax your head and some other things.

smiling dog meme tgif

Tgif. Friday is the last working day in a week; a lot of activities always happen on Friday. You can use this meme to remind your darling friend its Friday. lols

smiling dog meme i fart it happens

This is another funny meme when you are alone, you can do whatever you like, which farting is not excluded. Lols.

smiling dog meme every single day

He smiles, infront of me every single day. Smile is a sign of love, as a girl, if you have a guy that always smiles whenever he sees you. That guy loves you.

smiling dog big deal

I don’t know how to put this, you should always learn how to ask a question concerning what you don’t know. Lols. Nobody is an encyclopedia of knowledge.


When you met the girl of your life, the reaction is always great. It is good to love. Sending this lovely meme to the love of your life is a way of showing her you care.


You see what is doing right; some people are just wicked naturally lols. Send this meme to that your nasty friend and see how he will react.


Best dog toy ever, this goes to the toy lovers, you can use this meme to send some good laughter to them.

Happy birthday dog memes

You can make use of our happy birthday dog memes we have put together for you. As it is probably someone’s birthday and you are looking for that perfect meme that will cut them down to size and sum up their existence, try some of these memes for your friends and enemies. Ride into them how much they’ve aged with these Birthday Memes that will help them realize they are now one year closer to death.

hilarious happy birthday dog meme

This is one of the scary memes you can ever send to a person celebrating a birthday if he is a pet lover. He is going like it.


Happy birthday beautiful, if you have a sexy girlfriend, you will like to wish a happy birthday. This is a simple way of showing her some love.


Happy birthday to my favorite mom. Sending this meme to your mom on her birthday is a way of appreciating what she has done for you since the day she gave birth to you.


This goes to those that can’t do without asking for birthday cake; this meme can be used to put a smile on their faces.


Wishing your dad happy birthday with this meme is a way of telling him not to drink too much on the particular day. lols

happy birthday dog meme

If you have a friend you don’t want to hang out with on his birthday, this is the perfect meme you can send to him. lol

happy birthday dog meme what cake

Sorry the cat at your cake, we still hope you have a good birthday if you want to prank a birthday celebrant. Sending him this meme will brighten his day.

funny-happy-birthday meme-pictures

Treat him well by wishing him a happy birthday with this lovely meme. You might be lucky he has a dog that looks exactly like this. lols

funny happy birthday dog meme

You can wish yours do a happy birthday with this fantastic meme.


May you age like wine and not cheese. This is one of the great prayers that can be said to a birthday celebrant.


Wish him a happy birthday in a very sarcastic way, telling him happy birthday you party animal. lols

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