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80 Fart Meme

We have a cool fart meme collection to share with you which you can also share friends and relatives. So, go ahead, scroll down, and enjoy today’s memes. We all fart and sometimes, it can smell really bad. While some people are alright with that, others are more sensitive. They find the act repulsive and they’ll show disgust to anyone who farts in public. Most people, on the other hand, find farting hilarious. It’s probably because of the sound it makes or the guilty expression it leaves on people’s faces. No matter what your reason is for laughing at farts, we aren’t judging you.

i farted... fart meme

I farded, I had an anal cough. While some people may not appreciate the arguably gross and dirty meme, we find this to be a strangely funny.

protein fart meme

How can some look so good but smell so bad? lol. Everyone knows people that are into fitness generally eat more protein and fart way more.

wet fart meme

Sometimes you may experience a fart that isn’t just air escaping. This is the case for a wet fart. Share this amusing meme with friends to crack them up.

wife fart meme

Farting in sleep is a super-common thing among the married women lol, share this meme with them to crack them up.

to-fart-or-not to fart that is the question

To fat or not to fart, this is one of the hilarious questions you can ask yourself whenever you are in the midst of people and you are thinking to fart or not.

when you always have to explain to your partner... fart meme

Though in some cases they are silent and odorless, farts can become uncomfortable when they are loud and foul-smelling. Share this meme with your partner to send some good laugh to him.

women fart meme

If you have a girlfriend that farts like a man, tag her this meme.

when you fart but poop comes... fart meme

When you fart but poop comes. Holding in your farts won’t kill you, but it won’t be comfortable either.

don't trust a fart meme

I dDn’t ever trust your farts specially after a taca tuesday the risk is higher lol.

sneeze fart meme

When you sneeze and fart at the same time so nobody notices the fart lol, more like when you cough at the same time you hold in a fart.

yoga fart meme

I would like to take a yoga class but don’t trust my fart, this is one of the reasons most ladies are running away from yoga class.

when you spray the bathroom after use and now it smelles like tropical fart... fart meme

Many people keep a spray bottle on the back of the toilet to freshen the bathroom after use. Share this meme with your friend that is fond of doing that.

stinky fart meme

Certain foods make your farts smell worse than others. if someone tells you they don’t fart, they’re lying.

frozen fart meme

I wish I could fart lol, we know you fart. And probably a lot more than you are willing to admit. And it stinks.

when she fart in her sleep...

Are you kidding, this is one of the things guys can’t take in a relationship but the truth is everybody farts, even in our sleep.

when you fart in class and the person next to you hears it... fart meme

When you fart in the class and the person next to you hears it lol, It might seem rude to fart in the class and run, you want this stay between you and your classmate lol.

when you trying to be quiet in the bathroom and you fart really loud... fart meme

When you trying to be quiet in the bathroom and you fart really loud oh Neptune, ladies experience this situation most of the time lol. Share this meme with that girlfriend of yours and make her laugh.

when your sleeping and someone farts

It may seem like a rude awakening sometimes, especially when it originates from someone else, but it sounds hilarious when someone fart while asleep.

toxic fart meme

I think I just garlic farted lol if you want to live smelly fart-free, you have to tone down on the garlic intake.

let it go fart meme

Men fart more often than women probably because they eat faster than women lol, this is another excellent meme you can share with friends.

minion fart meme

I wonder if when a clown farts, does it smell funny? lol. When something smells funny, and it makes your nose turn red.

when someone walks through that nasty fart... fart meme

When someone walks through that nasty fart you just ripped in isle 7 & you hear them gasp & yell. This mostly happens in the classroom.

cow fart meme

Cart fart sounds like someone needs to take a ruminant nutrition class. Cow farts are even worse than we thought. It’s not cow farts that are destroying our planet. Their burps are.

when u let out a fart thinkin it'll be silent but it's loud af... fart meme

When you let out a fart thinking it will be silent but it’s loud, you will feel embarrassed most especially when it happens in the public.

when you fart in an aisle at the store... fart meme

This is wickedness if I must be sincere with you lol, most of the people are fond of doing this.

the kid was a fart for halloween... fart meme

This kid was a fart for Halloween, sometimes your kid just wants to be something unconventional. And that’s cool.

when i fart... when my best friend farts

Guys, always overreact when them bestfriend fat but stay cool when they do it lol.

that wasn't a fart meme

Whether you try to hide it or not, you fart. Everybody does. Share this meme with that friend of yours that always pretends like someone that doesn’t fart.

game of thrones fart meme

When you fart silently but the guy next to you smells it lol, the next time you hold in a fart for fear of being heard by polite company, just remember this: It could leak out of your mouth instead of your butt.

when you make a noise that sounds like a fart...

When you make a noise that sounds like a fart but is not so you hastily try to recreate it to prove to everyone it wasn’t a fart. This situation normally happens in the class and you can always use this meme to make your classmates laugh.

that moment when i took a silent fart... fart meme

One of the funniest moments of life came in the most unexpected setting; Some silent farts smell so bad they can clear a room of people.

french bulldog fart meme

When you accidentally fart in public, and it smells lol, one of the best ways to camouflage a public fart is to fart somewhere that already smells bad.

when it's too loud... fart meme

Most times, we might think it would be silent, no one will know, but our ass makes it soo loud lol. Never trust your ass when you are about to fart.

wow-a-unicorn-fart meme

Those delightfully tingly champagne bubbles in your nose? That’s not carbonation; it’s actually unicorn farts. Lol

when you fart meme

When you try to let out a silent fart around people, but it comes out loud lol before you fart, get up and try to vacate the area, so you are not in a crowd or around a lot of people.

wet fart wednesday meme

This meme can be used to sound a note of warning to those that love eating a Taco on Tuesday to watch out for wet fart on Wednesday.


That moment when you realize it wasn’t a fart, this meme can be used to crack mothers up lol.

star wars fart meme

The force i will push fart, fart i will. I’ve heard that if you try too hard to force a fart out, it can cause one of your eyes to fall out lol.

you said girls don't fart lady fart meme

I’m always amazed by how many women say they don’t ever fart in front of their boyfriends. The truth is, ladies, fart lol.

overly-attached-girlfriend-and-the-kid-that-needs-to-fart... kid that needs to fart meme

Overly attached girlfriend and the kid that needs to fart, trying to hold a fart next to a cute girl in class – overly attached girlfriend used to go to the same high school as Micheal, the kid that needs to fart.

lady fart meme

I fart on your pillow when you leave the room so you can smell me when you fall asleep, this is another hilarious meme you can share with your boyfriend lol.

dutch oven fart meme

I don’t always fart in bed, but when i do i dutch oven, my girlfriend. Most guys do not sleep-fart frequently. Instead, it happens when excess gas builds up in the body.

that face when you holding in a fart... spongebob fart meme

That face when you are holding in a fart because your crush is standing right behind you. Let’s face it – we all have. We are trying to hold it in leads to a build-up of pressure and significant discomfort.

game of thrones fart meme gif

If you know someone who can empty a room with the smell of their farts, this gif might be the perfect present for them.

power ranger fart meme gif

Holding in a fart all day lol, holding it in can be uncomfortable, or even dangerous, but when you get to your house, you can fart as you like.

Dog Fart Meme

Who doesn’t like a good fart joke? Dog Fart Meme is hilariouseven though dog fart could clear a room. Whatever you call it, dog farts can be silent but deadly, outrageously loud and stinky, also synchronized with a sneeze. In other words, dogs fart like us.

when you blame the dog when you fart

That time when you said the dog farted, but it was you. You are blaming your farts on a dog. You should be ashamed. Two can play at that game.

what if i told you it wasnt just a fart... dog fart meme

What if i told you, it wasn’t just fart. It wasn’t just a random little fart that happened to slip out, either.

that felt good... dogg fart meme...

When you fart, it helps us release toxic gas out of our body. Therefore, farting makes us feel better.

ok, so i farted... dog fart meme

Ok, so I farted, don’t be so overdramatic. This is another wide range of funny adult jokes ranging from funny dirty jokes, memes.

my dogs farts so bad she wakes up... dog fart meme

My dog farts so bad she wakes up and gives me a look when i turn off the fan. Smelly dog farts can’t hurt the person who’s forced to smell them.

i forgive you... dog fart meme

This is another hilarious meme you can use to mock those that are fond of blaming their dogs whenever they fart.

funny dog fart memes

Silent but deadly, or maybe just deadly, dog farts are no joking matter. Trust me; he will wake soon.

funny dog fart meme

Have you ever been startled by your fart? lol, holding on too long triggers a build-up of intestinal gas that may eventually escape via an uncontrollable fart.


Of course, the dog’s farts always silent and deadly and may even contribute to canine inflammatory bowel disease.

dog farting awareness day.. dog fart meme

You can always use this meme as a reminder to pet parents that you shouldn’t just fan away from your dog’s bodily functions.

Cat Fart Meme

Check out our Cat Fart Meme selection we have put together for you. If you are asking if cats can fart, you probably haven’t been around many cats. While cats don’t fart as loudly as humans, they do indeed pass gas, and you can hear them do it sometimes (they burp too). The worst thing is, you can also smell it, and depending on what they have eaten, the smell can be pretty rank.

Yeah-my-farts-stink cat fart meme

Cats farts make stinks. Although their farts may not make a noise, they can certainly pack a punch when it comes to smell.

oops-that-wasnt a fart

Oops, that wasn’t fart, Ever notice a terrible smell from the back end of your cat?

never trust a fart cat fart meme

Never Trust a Fart. This Is Why, so quickly, an innocent little fart can lead to disaster.


You can use this meme to mock that friend of yours when he/she end up overeating colorful food like skittles to the point where you shit out farts that are rainbows.

just watch me until i fart...

How cute they say, watch me until i fart lol, there is no attractive way to sy it. Farting is normal; excessive farting is not.

its time to discuss your bed farts - cat farts

One of the most important and least discussed relationship milestones is the first time you fart in a bed.

i just blew a wicked fart

Sometimes a fart escapes without a sound or a smell, but others do it intentionally. You can share this meme with them.


I think one of my cats is trying to fart lol, this is another excellent meme you can use to crack up those that can’t do without cat up.

Cat-Fart-Meme i don't always fart

I don’t always fart, but i when i do i am still right next to you. Share this with your friend to scare them away from you.

cat fart meme

This is another hilarious cat fart meme you can use to sound a note of warning.

Brain Fart Meme

See, rate, and share the best Brain Fart Meme we have put together for you and can be shared with those that love changing their hart from time to time lol.  This meme is a sudden and involuntary (although depending on the source, not altogether unexpected) release of ignorance. This happens when you are attempting to remember something undeniable, something that you know you should know. The definition of a brain fart is a temporary failure to think clearly. 

sorry i had a brain fart

if you’ve specifically overlooked something otherwise obvious, this meme is for you.

please not to light match near mah brain fart

Please do not light a match near my brain fart. When this situation occurs, A fart that is significantly hotter than most farts and smells putrid.


Oops, brain fart, what makes one person’s brain hurt but makes everybody else’s face hurt from laughing.

if you have a brain fart...

If you have a brain fart, will the sorting hart smell it? Yes, of course, lol. Share this meme with friends and crack them up.

if you cover you nose people fart...

If you cover your nose when people fart, do you cover your brain when people brain farts? This is yet another simple question you can share with your friends online.

i dont have brain fart farts...

I don’t have a brain fart, but from time to time i must change my hart; sharing this meme with that friend of yours that love changing hart from time to time is an excellent way to mock them.

give me a brain fart

Give me a brain fat lol, when he is temporary failure to think clearly. Share this meme with friends and crack them up.

funny brain fart meme

You can use this meme as slang for a special kind of abnormal brain activity, which results in human error while performing a repetitive task.

brain fart memes

This is another amusing brainfarts meme you can share with friends, with the reaction of this wrestler on the picture, they can’t help it but laugh.

brain fart meme

This brain fart meme goes to the trump fans; you can always use it to brighten their day.

Happy Birthday Old Fart Meme

Here is some Happy Birthday Old Fart Meme to show your love no matter how indirectly and show your old man that you also have some sense of humor, maybe he would laugh about it and thank you as well. This is a unique way to say Happy Birthday to an older man.

old-man-found-one-of-your-baby-pics happy birthday old fart meme

Make old man birthday special by sending these unique Happy Birthday Old Man meme to him.

just sayin happy birthday old fart

Just saying happy birthday old fart, your old man would definitely like this meme, and if you can correctly show your emotions for him and show that you care. Share him this meme.


This is another fantastic meme for your old man on his special day. Let them know age is just a number!

Happy-Birthday-you-old-fart grumpy cat

If your old man can’t do without a cat, share him this particular meme on his birthday.


Happy birthday, you dirty old fart. For the jokester in your life, look no further than this hilarious meme to share with him on his birthday.


Change your style of wishing birthday to the older man. Share this meme with him o his next birthday.


Happy birthday old fart, hope your birthday doesn’t stink lol; this lighthearted meme is for any old fart that likes to have a good laugh.

happy-birthday-old-fart you-are-meme

Share this scary meme with him, and he will get plenty of laughs from the most cantankerous coots.

happy birthday you old fart meme

With this meme, finding the perfect way to wish your old man a happy birthday can’t be difficult.

Happy 40th Bithday! You Old Fart!!

It’s a great meme for 40th birthday wishes lol, happy birthday to you old fart lol.

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