A Simple Way to Cope with a Long Essay

Cope with a Long Essay

Let us start with a definition of what is considered an extended essay. Mostly such papers are longer than 1000 words and have more than 5-8 paragraphs in the main body, not counting additional paragraphs that are an introduction and a conclusion.

Cope with a Long Essay

Our article will let you understand what to do to cope with a long essay and how to make it work. If you face difficulties with essays, you can reach out to an academic essay writing team that can quickly solve all issues that appear when you are coping with your written home task.

Professional writers will gladly assist you with structuring, formatting, research, and other essential activities in writing a college paper.

Read the requirements

Coping with an extended essay will start by going through the instructions provided by your professor. You must clarify your goals and get all details. The preparation stage’s quality will define your work’s success on the written home task.

Usually, instructions contain requirements completed by a teacher that is obligated to follow for students who wish to score high grades for their papers. So first, start with reading the manuals and clarifying the following information: the deadline and the word count.

We remind you that a long essay has more than 1000 words. Find out the topic suggested by the teacher, the recommended references and sources to use in the research, and the recommendations on structuring, tone of voice, and style of formatting for your upcoming paper.

Follow the guidance provided by a teacher if you want to write it correctly.

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Generate a topic

Formulating a comprehensive and practical topic for your essay is one of the necessary stages of preparation for writing. Teachers often provide pre-formulated topics to students in manuals. So, all you need to do is to choose the preferable subject to write about.

However, not all professors formulate topics for their students as they wish to teach students how to generate compelling topics. If you want to generate a topic by yourself, you need to be very skilled and well-trained and understand the discipline and the subject, because the topic must be actual.

Start with a small research on topics and see what the most widespread cases are researched in this area of study. Find the actual problem and formulate a topic according to it.

Also, you can use online topic-generating tools that help to get an impressive title for your essay in several clicks by using keywords related to the subject.

Research on a subject

Coping with a long essay is only possible to imagine with comprehensive and vast research on the topic. After you are clear with the case and formulate your paper’s title, collect information about the study area.

Ensure to follow the recommendations of the teacher provided in the manuals as usually they contain recommended types of sources, names of sources, and where to find details on your case. There are several ways to source relevant data for your paper.

One of them is using offline libraries. Of course, many students also use digital sources and do most of their research online using specific libraries, databases, encyclopedias, blogs, and other digital sources.

The more sources you use, the better. Note that all the sources must be relevant, actual, and checked. The information you use must be relevant and exciting. Do not overload your essay with well-known data; instead, try to find rare arguments to excite your audience when reading.

Outline matters a lot

When it comes to volume essays, correct structure can make magic. If an essay is more than 1000 words long, you need to spend enough time structuring it to make it easy to read. A well-arranged essay will be logical and impact your audience correctly when they are reading it.

An essay must contain at least three core structural elements: an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The introduction of an essay must provide information on the case and tell more about the topic you formulated to catch the audience’s attention.

Using hooks in the introduction will interest readers in further reading your paper. Depending on the discipline and context, one can add an introduction with some funny information, anecdotes, jokes, quotations, and more similar information to make it stand out.

The main body of the volume essay is the central part of a paper that contains the more important information and facts on the case. If you are writing a volume essay that is more than 1000 words long, the main body must have at least five paragraphs.

Each paragraph of the main body must contain one central thought and some arguments supporting it. Do not overload paragraphs with long and hard-to-read sentences as if a paper is a volume, and it will be a lot of information in it. So try to be cohesive and clear.

Summarise all the information you provided in the closing part of your essay, conclude the core facts, and wrap up the keys by underlining the essential information from the main body. Refrain from putting new facts in conclusion. All information on the topic must be provided in the body.

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Proofread your paper

The stage of editing is essential. Note that it usually takes several hours when it comes to a long essay. The stage of editing the long essay includes several steps, which are all necessary to complete.

First, start with reading your essay, and ensuring that you followed all the instructions provided by a professor, so all the information from manuals was counted during writing. Second, pay attention to the information you put into the essay and ensure that all facts are relevant actual, and checked.

For example, ensure that all the names are written correctly, all the dates are appropriate and check other similar details. After you are clear about the content and the information you used in your essay, read it again and check the grammar and punctuation mistakes.

We hope you found our article useful!

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