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We have put together a collection of classic Savage Meme straight from the depths of the internet. Jump into the stream of memes and let your soul rot as you scroll through these brutally savage memes. Savage showed a strong sense of humor by admitting he found some of the memes regarding his immigration status funny. As a result, fans of Demi Lovato are taking this comment out of context to try to pressure Wale into apologizing to the pop star. Some of you may be offended by these, so here is more this meme to get you even more offended.

you ever look at somebody and just wanna... savage meme

You look at somebody and just want to hit him lol, this is what you experience when you are surrounded with people that love stepping on your toes, Tag them this meme to sound a note of warning.

when you'Re single...savage meme

Sleeping alone can be frustrating most time, especially during cold weather; lol, there is nothing like having your love beside you anytime you want to sleep.

when someone calls my bff theis best fiend... savage meme

People generally frown on staring at someone who calls his/her best friend there best friend, you can always tag them this meme to mock them.

When it's 4.52am savage meme

Are you kidding me right now, this is yet simple, hilarious meme you can use to crack up your friends on Facebook.

what's wromg savage meme

This is how ladies behave most, especially whenever we are having a conversation with our boyfriend. It’s our nature; there is nothing you guys can do about it lol.

what would you say is good about Switzerland... Savage Meme

If you have a friend who is living in Switzerland, this is another way to brighten his/her day by sharing this meme with him/her.

vegan i don't eat meat because i respect the nature... savage meme

This meme goes to those that hate meat; you can always send this hilarious but scary meme to them to mock them.


If you have a friend that love wrestling, one of the best things you can do for him to brighten his day is to send him this meme.

savage meme funny

This is another hilarious meme you can share with your friends on Instagram, lol, the easiest way to get a girl’s heart is to lie to her. Lol.

savage meme

If you are looking for a way to crack up your family member, share them this meme, but don’t be surprised kids of nowadays knows the uses of condoms. Lol.

savage glasses meme

The simple life chose me lol, I’m about ready to log off for the night. Tag any of your friend who is easy going.

nowadays you don't know who pregnant... savage meme

Nowadays most of our ladies have a big belly like pregnant women because of overfeeding, and they don’t do exercise lol, these meme si savage lmao don’t forget to tag them this meme.

it's looks like you are pregnant... savage meme

Lol, take a look at his belly, just like pregnant woman, the doctor is not far from the truth. If you have a friend with a big belly tag him this meme.

your uber is outside...funny savege meme

If you have a who already been through this situation lol…, Tag her this meme to crack her up.

i wanna be a doctor... savege meme

If you have a doctor that loves cracking jokes, don’t hesitate to tag him this meme.

how women pose after getting their makeup done

Women can’t do without makeup, and there is nothing you guys can do about it. Put a smile on her face by sharing this meme with her.

hostages situation...

It can be annoying when you agree to spend a night with your friend, and he refused to go to the next day, mock any of your friend who is fond of doing that with this meme.

here i'll making stop crying

If you have a caring husband, this is one of the best ways to appreciate his kind gesture lol.

Guys hit purberty... savage meme

This meme can be used to mock ladies lol; guys always have upper hands compare to ladies when they reach the stage.

funny savage memes

This meme goes to those that love old school things; you can always tag them this savage meme when a friend is try to make fun of your haircut lol..

can you even do any tricks, Mary... Savege Meme

If you have a grandma, you would like to put a smile on her face, share her this meme.

are you gonna be my new dad... savage meme

This is another naughty meme you use to crack up that friend of yours that loves sleeping around with married women.

Savage Patrick Meme

We’ve collected this fresh savage Patrick meme collection. Check them out and enjoy! Savage refers to someone who’s brutal but awesome. It can also be used to describe actions that disregard feelings and ideas. In some cases, it can also relate to an activity or remark that’s violent or cruel. To give you a clearer idea of what the slang means.

when you're about to open your son's bedroom... savage meme

This is the best way to mock any of your child that masturbate lol,

when your mom is calling your name... patrick savage meme

These days, this is how most of the kids treat their mother lol, some mother won’t allow you rest if you don’t fake sleep lol.

when you see the password to unlock someone's phone... Patrick savage meme

If you don’t want to have a heart attack, don’t even bother trying to unlock you girlfriend phone. it is dangerous lol.

savage patrick meme

When you are trying to help someone and it seems he/she is not appreciating it, there is not point of stressing your self lol.

me using all the hot water in the shower

There is nothing as sweet as bathing with hot water lol, tag that friend of yours that love bathing with hot water.

me reading ur text message savage patrick meme

Some friends are just full of themselves; you can’t just have an emergency and send them a text; they will refuse to read your text.

me plotting to take the last slice of pizza. funny savege patrik meme

This meme goes to pizza lovers; this is one of the best ways to crack them up.

funny savage patrick meme

Betrayers are everywhere. If you find yourself in this cheating situation, do make yourself happy by sharing this meme on social media.

evil savege meme

When we were still young, i could remember we used to look for trouble because we know our elder brother is there to fight our battles lol.

Evil Savage Patrick memes

This is another funny meme you can share with friends on Facebook.

Savage Spongebob Meme

Savage Spongebob Meme refers to a still image of Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants looking as though he’s amid a maniacally evil chuckle. These “Savage Patrick” Spongebob memes seriously blew up over the weekend. The meme, which features Patrick Star looking mighty devious, is used to describe ethically questionable situations.

when-youre-trying-to-let-out-a-fart-accidentally-shit savage spongebob meme

Lols, you must be kidding, don’t try this at work, sending this hilarious meme to friends is a way of sending a good laugh to them.

when-you-just-bought-game-and-see-some-late-game savage spongebob meme

This meme goes to those that love video game; you can always use this meme to put a smile on their faces.

when-its-finally-your-turn-in-the-roast-savage-spongebob meme

Whether it’s a big Sunday roast or a midweek meal, tag your follower on Instagram to crack them up.

When your teacher says pull out your homework - Spongebob Savage

Sending this meme to that lazy student in your class is another way to mock them.

when you hear the door shut... savage meme

Most of us are always happy whenever our parents are going out. Our parents can quickly push our buttons. That’s because they’re the ones that put them there.

Spongebob savage Memes

When you realized everyone is using you for a meme, are you kidding me? Do i look funny?

Savage-Spongebob-Meme- when you farted and someone says it stank

Ladies fart is poisonous, tag a girl with this meme to mock her.

nobody me after my first sip of coffee...savage spongebob meme

Tag any of your friend this particular meme. Coffee is one of the things in this life that makes them happy but make you go straight to the toilet lol.

funny savage spongebob meme

Most of the ugly ladies online like forming, you better acclimatize yourself with the nearest guy lol.

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