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35 Edgy memes

If you are looking for edgy memes, then you have come to the right place with the collections of the meme we have put together for you. “Edgy” is an English slang term used to describe things, behaviors, or trends which are provocative or avant-garde, and is often used to describe things that are dark and gothic. It is commonly used as an insult online. This meme seems to collect our ideas, emotions, and actions in a transferable and straightforward form, making them perfect for the Internet age.

What are edgy memes

An edgy meme is based around a joke making fun of down syndromes, Hitler, and things that people should not be laughing at in general. Often very hilarious. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word originated in 1775 and meant “having sharp edges.” By 1837, the meaning “tense and irritable” was added. The phrase was first added to Urban Dictionary on March 21st, 2005 by user Nikki.

Funny Edgy Memes

Make use of the collections of Funny Edgy Memes we have put together for you. They’re edgy. They’re funny. They’re easy to iterate on, and every week, a new one pops up. Edgy used to be a word that had an entirely different meaning to what it had now and could be used with words such as “gritty” or “radical” (especially when it came to art or film). Of course, it now means obnoxious, overly angry/aggressive and exceptional.

edgy memes

The life of a celebrity, once they become famous. The first thing they usually do is to delete their former twitter account.

edgy memes why do you hate me

The way people look at you when you are drunk, it amazes me most times as if you have committed one crime. lol

edgy memes when youre in french class

Most of us have been in this situation before when we were still in high school; French teacher is forcing you to pronounce what you don’t understand.

edgy memes when you're annoying your friend and suddenly he gets all mad

It’s not an excellent idea to annoy your friends because if he suddenly gets mad at you, you won’t like the way he will react.

edgy memes when your woman find the receipt...

When your woman finds a receipt from the tackle store, most women don’t like their husband going to store (The reason is best known to them)

edgy memes when your family praise you for fix the internet...

When your family praises you for fixing the internet, but you did nothing but to reset the router. Lol.

edgy memes when you wanna impres a girl and take somewhere nice...

The reaction is always amusing when you want to impress your girlfriend, and you take her to a cheap beach. lols

edgy memes when you see your friends girl texting him first

When you see your friend’s girl texting him first, some girls are just amazing when it comes to loving their partner wholeheartedly.

edgy memes the struggle is real boys

The struggle is real boys; some women will do anything possible to get the attention of a guy. If you know, one of those girls tags her this meme.

edgy memes teacher shouted at me

Nobody is above mistake, we learn every day and when an error is made, it is not compulsory that teacher must shout on a student.

edgy memes since i started packaging

Are you kidding me lol? This is another hilarious meme you can use for your neighbors who annoy you.

edgy memes minecraft

the moment that all the minecraft players were waiting. they finaly won the google trend!

edgy memes me trying to describe this one song a heard in a video

There is no way you can describe a song for google without knowing the title of the song.

edgy memes me after i beat the boss

Some video games can be tough most time; you will find it difficult to kill the boss. When you kill them you feel like the king lol.

edgy memes introduces me to her new boyfriend

When your mum introduces you to her boyfriend, a lot of lousy thought, we come to your mind. Thinking of harming the person.

edgy memes i hate that i laughed at this

Sending this hilarious meme to your loved ones is another to brighten their day.

edgy memes funny

This goes to those that love Captain America; you can use this meme to send some good laugh to them.

edgy memes french student

This is the way you react when you don’t understand what the teacher is talking about lol.

edgy memes fittnesstracker

Learn to drive safely, if you don’t care about your life, try and think about the pedestrians.

edgy memes dj khaled Ed

The reaction is always great when are opportune to have a conversation with Dj Khaled.

Dank Edgy Memes

Dank Edgy Memes is an ironic expression to describe memes that are intentionally bizarre Edgy. An edgy meme challenges social norms. It reveals a dark side to memes and will. Dank Memes for Edgy Teens is the first of a standard phrasal template used for Facebook meme pages. While the names may vary, the common format is “X Memes for Y Teens.”

dank edgy memes

You can always send this naughty meme to a friend of yours that doesn’t believe in gender equality.

dank edgy memes when she's hot with no personality

Men like it when she is hot with no personality; it is hard to find someone like that.

dank edgy memes teacher

If you have a friend who is dull when it comes to science subjects, use this meme to mock him/her.

dank edgy memes funny

When you accidentally get a mistake for a living human girl but don’t allow her to see it.

dank edgy memes a small price to pay for salvation

This is one of the crazy things a student can do during the test, what is the essence of cheating while you cant write the correct answer.

Edgy Spongebob Memes

Edgy Spongebob Memes Are An Edgy Take On Hypocrisy – Funny memes that “GET IT” and want you to too. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up. Spongebob may be a kid’s show, but the kids who watched it when it came out are full-grown dirty dogs now. And they are wasting no time sexualizing the shit out of the innocuous, never sexually suggestive Bikini Bottom.

edgy spongebob memes dady can you pass the salt

Lol, you are going to be surprised, what is going on, thinking if your uncle is also having an affair with your babe.

edgy spongebob memes

Some time you underate a particular course until you get to the exam hall and find it difficult to answer one question.

edgy spongebob memes youtube

When you are trying to load a f*cking video on youtube and youtube is showing adds, youtube like showing irrelevant add.

edgy spongebob memes students that are obviously

You have nothing to be sad, always try and encourage yourself in any situation you find yourself.

edgy spongebob memes me has been procrastinating for hours

Procrastination is terrible; procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a specific deadline.

Edgy memes for edgy teens

Edgy memes for edgy teens is the first of a standard phrasal template used for Facebook meme pages. While the names may vary, the common format is “X Memes for Y Teens.”No hate speech! There is a difference between comedy and outright hate speech, but ironic hate speech.

edgy memes for edgy teens

How kids have fun these days is very different from back then….

edgy memes for edgy teens when your mom says

Some are so addicted to their phone in such a way they can’t do without it, send this meme to that friend of yours that is addicted to his/her phone.

edgy memes for edgy teens funny

This typically happened in the class; some student don’t know how to return what they borrow. You can use this meme to mock them.

edgy memes for edgy teens 12 yo me

Sex education for kids, the parents should start teaching their children s*x education for future purpose.

edgy memes 12yo me

You can always send this meme to mock your friend who doesn’t know how to use a microwave.

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