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61 Disney Memes

These are countless Disney memes floating around the internet, but they are some of the most hilarious. Disney movies were a massive part of our childhoods so that these memes will have a special place in your heart. From the classics like Cinderella and snow white, through the greatest hits like Lion king and Aladdin, all the way to today’s favorites like Frozen and Zootopia. Disney has been cranking out the jams for decades and left us with an unlimited well of raw meme material. You better believe the internet mined the heck out of it. There are a lot of different memes out there that remind us of many things. One of those things is our childhood, and what is more connected to childhood than Disney films? These Disney memes show that the movie that came out of the house of the mouse is so universal that everyone can think of new ways to make jokes about them.

Funny Disney Memes

These funny disney memes come from every part of the Disney universe, from the most beloved heroes right down to the nasty Disney villains. No film is safe from the biting satire of these Disney memes. They may make you laugh, but they will also have you questioning everything you loved as a kid. Just remember that no matter how hard something you love gets made fun of, it doesn’t have to mean that thing is terrible. Mockery is, after all, one of the sincerest forms of flattery.

disney meme when you're micorwaving at 3am...

The reaction is always amusing when you are microwaving at 3 am, and you forgot to stop it at 1 second lol, you don’t try to make noise in the house but it’s too late.

disney meme when you're having a ultrasound

When you are having an ultrasound, and your baby is doing something else, are you kidding me? This limit varies from person to person and is approximately 20 kilohertz in healthy young adults.

disney meme when you're already in a bad mood

If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk lol, tag any of your friend that is fond of spoiling your mood this meme.

disney meme when your girlfriend...

When you have a girlfriend that won’t let you philhertetes lol, tag her this meme to mock her.

disney meme when your friends says...

I don’t like associating myself with those that don’t like Disney movies lol; you can get ideas from the childhood movies with these inspirational Disney quotes about lovefriendship, and dreams.

disney meme when you leave your friends at school to go to disney

If you have a friend that loves Disney very well, you can always tag him this meme to crack him up.

disney meme when teachers says...

The reaction is always painful when your teacher asks you to pick a partner and your homie already chosen a partner lol.

disney meme when she starts pleying with my hair..

If you have a boyfriend that loves playing with your hair, tag him this meme. This is another way to tell him that he is romantic.

disney meme when i'm driving...

Some people are not supposed to be driving on the highway because they are slow naturally, how can you be driving 10km/hr on the road.

disney meme what are those...

This is another hilarious Disney meme you can use to crack up your friends that love Disney.

disney meme the look on my face...

It amazes me when someone says he has listened to enough Disney songs because Songs From Disney Movies That Are Bops specifically for kids, but we feel that the songs don’t get enough recognition.

disney meme the face i look in the morning

You can use this meme to mock ladies most, especially those that can’t do without makeup.

disney meme that friend in one group...

If you have a friend, who can’t keep secret, tag him/her this meme to put a smile on his/her face.

disney meme spell icup

This is yet another simple way to crack your loved ones up with this ICU image lol.

disney meme pay off bills vs disney

If you a friend who don’t care if anything happens to him because of Disney, you can always send him this meme.

disney meme my face when...

When you realize that none of your family members want to see the new Disney movie lol, it’s not always a good thing.

disney meme my face when someone says they don't like disney

If you have a friend who always gets angry when someone says they don’t like Disney, tag him/her this meme.

disney meme minecraft youtuber

Sending this meme to that your younger ones that doesn’t want to go to school but want to become YouTuber lol.

disney meme me when someone comes to the door...

Sending this meme to that brother of yours that loves pranking people lol is another way to put a smile on his face.

disney meme me trying to collect myself...

If you have someone who is down emotionally, you can send this meme to her to motivate her.

disney meme me trying on swimsuits...

When you try a swimsuit but you are a little overweight but you blame the swimsuit, send this meme to your friends who are like that.

disney meme me singing disney song in my room

Some family members don’t just like Disney lol, tag them this meme to put a smile on their faces.

disney meme me doing a presentation about meme

This is another hilarious way to crack up that friend of yours that doesn’t know how to do presentation lol.

disney meme lion kings youngest siblings

This is what happens when you watch Disney too much lol. Only Disney fans can understand.

disney meme last time i went to disney world

Some cant does without going to Disney lol, it is already in their blood, no need of calculation.

disney meme incorrect people...

Summer is about as rare as jumping right out of bed on a Monday morning, but when it taps’ aff whether we know these are all reasons why summer is the best

disney meme friendzone

You‘ll only make getting out of the friend zone that much harder. If you knew everything, there was to know about someone on the first day of the meeting. You ruin the fun when you tell women everything about yourself.

disney meme depression...

It’s a show time lol because you already know that depression is a mood disorder characterized by low mood, a feeling of sadness, and a general loss of interest in things. Depression is not a short-term problem.

disney meme bugs bunny

You can send this meme to that friend of yours who can’t stop thinking about Disney.

Frozen Memes

You can always make use of collections of frozen memes we have put together for you. What better way to wait for Spring than to look at the undying collection of our memes because why not? We can never get enough of these independent and funny winter Disney princesses.

frozen memes you can't marry a man you just met

There is nothing wrong if you marry someone you just met, everything is all about trust lol.

frozen memes when your parents ask you...

This meme goes to those kids that love taken ice cream in any weather lol.

frozen memes when someone you don't like touch you...

If you hate being hugged, the world can be a challenging place because people will frustrate you lol.

frozen memes mom bought nutella

Kids are always happy when mum bought Nutella lol, Nutella is a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread.

frozen memes love is an open door...

Is Love an open door lol, Love encompasses a range of reliable and positive emotional and mental states.

frozen memes looks like her account is frozen

The reaction is always unfortunate when you get to ATM, and you realized that your account had been frozen.

frozen memes it'S not even cold outside...

This another amusing meme you can send to that friend of yours who can’t withstand cold weather.

frozen memes how i feel when i finish one exam

Exam time is a challenging time for students, most notably those that are not adequately prepared.

frozen memes Elsa do you see my wine

If you have a friend that loves doing something secretly, send him/her this meme.

frozen memes alone and free

You can use this meme to send some good laughter to those ladies that don’t want to have a boyfriend.

frozen memes 9 o'clock church vs 11 o'clock church

This meme goes to those that loves sleeping in the church; you can always use this meme to mock them.

Princess Memes

These Princess memes were made to get laughs and debunk that idea proving that princesses are strong and independent-minded people and still just as funny. Women have been represented to be weak in the past, even in animation which young girls watch. As children, we would watch Disney Movies and dream about being a Disney Princess and the handsome Prince sweeping us off our feet.

Some people can be so annoying, imagine when you have enough to drink, and someone is offering you another drink lol, are you kidding me?

princess meme fresh weave out...

The feeling when a lady fixes new weave is always great; lol, she will be feeling like miss world.

princess meme when you'Re on a diet....

This situation is not always pleasant lol, imagine when you are on a diet but your boyfriend is not. It pained.

princess meme when someone says...

Most ladies love to be addressed as princess lol if you don’t want to have problem with them don’t say they are not a princess.

princess meme when he's trying to have a serious conversation...

One of the important thing ladies requires from their boyfriend is attention. Please always give her attention.

princess meme start of the week vs end of the week

You can always use this meme to encourage people around you, who can’t wait for the weekend.

princess meme me as a disney princess

If your younger sister is a Disney princess, sending her this meme is another way to put a smile on her face.

princess meme me and my husband...

This is another fantastic meme you can use to crack up those love birds in your area.

princess meme i woke up like this..

You can learn to love your mornings. When you’re well-rested, it’s not a struggle to get up.

princess meme i whipped my hair back and forth..

If you have a girlfriend that love whipping her hair back and forth, tag her this meme.

princess meme i need to sleep...

If you have a friend that is addicted to his phone, tag her this meme.

princess meme i grew up thinking i was a princess...

If you have someone that grew up thinking she was a Disney princess, send her this meme to crack her up.

princess meme hey i just met you...

I just met you, and you stole my flower, lol some people can be funny to the extent that they can’t hide their bad behavior.

princess meme friday night goals...

Most ladies love going out on a date with guys on Friday night; there is no doubt about that.

princess meme forget unrealistic expectations...

Romance is an emotional feeling of love for or a strong attraction towards another person; Disney has taught some ladies another thing.

princess meme feelings...

When your boyfriend loves you, there is nothing you can say to stop him from loving you.

princess meme every single morning...

This meme goes to that lazy friend of yours that doesn’t like waking up early in the morning.

princess meme when you see a bug in your apartment

The reaction is always unfortunate when you see a harmful microorganism your apartment.

princess meme when you over sleep

For people who suffer from hypersomnia, oversleeping is a medical disorder. Alarm don’t work most times lol.

Disney Birthday Memes

Now, when their special day has come, it would be great to greet them up through a Disney birthday memes and bring them back to their childhood and remind them of how wonderful it is to be a kid once more, just like before. Every kid loves Disney; it produces such great movies, and all that it has gained so much fame over the years.


Let your lovely brother know that you mean every word of what you say, help express how he is getting younger with this meme.


Celebrate your sister’s birthday with style as you use this Disney meme for her if she like it.

happy-birthday-princess meme

Remind your girlfriend that she is the only amazing person in the world to you with this lovely meme.

disney birthday memes

If you do not want to wish her in the usual way others do, you can wish her with this meme.

disney birthday memes lets dance

No meme is ever complete and fun without this meme, happy birthday, let’s dance all night.

disney birthday meme

Make him/her feel happy and loved with this amazing meme.

disney birthday meme from one smolderer to another

Let him understand that you did not forget his birthday and that you still love him very much.

disney birthday meme buh buh buh

Give the love of your life the best wish she can ever get on her birthday with this funny meme. 

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