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31 Ok Memes

We have put together collections of OK memes which you can send to your loved ones, from those captioned “OK” or “OK” to spinoffs featuring Spiderman and other characters. The word OK is either used to be dismissive or to communicate one’s okayness genuinely. These memes feature Saitama from One-Punch Man with a variety of captions indicating how little the character cares about a particular situation. Other times the memes are used as a sarcastic response to a question. One such meme, Saitama OK, originated from a Japanese webcomic called One-Punch Man in which the lead role is often indifferent to the action around him. Sometimes it’s someone holding up the OK hand signal. The OK” Symbol is a hand gesture typically used to signal that “all is well.”

ok meme wanna be a meme

Throughout many parts of the world, the hand gesture made when connected one’s thumb and index finger into a circle while holding three-fingers straight up is considering synonymous with the word “ok

ok meme spongebob

This is yet another simple way to tell your lovely ones that all is well most especially the younger ones as they always appreciate cartoon.

ok meme patrik spongebob

You can always send this meme to your friends that is going through hard time that everything is going to be ok.

ok meme lil jon

This is another crazy meme you can use to crack up your loved ones. Saying okayyyyyy in crazy manner lol.

ok fine meme spongebob

Ok fine, It means someone is agreeing on something, but not in an enthusiastic way and even in a challenging way.

its ok meme obama

You can always use this meme to reply to someone you asked a question, and the person got the answer.

it'S ok meme kevin hart

You can use this meme to encourage people around you. Life is full of ups and downs.

itll-be-ok-just-stop-lying ok meme

The truth doesn’t have versions, okay? It’s no surprise that these lies don’t just hurt relationships; they can outright destroy them. Send this hilarious meme to trump fans lol.

funny ok meme

Sending this scary ok meme to your loved ones is another simple way to encourage them.

are-you-ok meme

The reaction is always painful when you pretend to be ok when you are not. Send this meme to those that are suffering and smiling to encourage them that everything will be ok.

You-Ok meme

Don’t be afraid to ask them if they’re okay typically asked by others who have noticed something off in your behavior, and care about you enough to ask it.


This is the way you react when someone is forcing you to say ok to what you know that is not ok.

umm-ok-meme baby

Umm is a word often used by programmers when they respond to a question that has no context; you can use this meme when you don’t want to say ok to something real.

shh baby its ok meme

Shh, it’s ok, you’re safe, i won’t let anything happen to you. This meme can be used when you don’t want someone to say a word.

OK-OK-Here-comes-the-food funny ok meme cat

Ok, here comes the food. This meme can be used to mock those that can not do without food lol.

ok-noted meme homer

OK, Noted would be considered a pointless affectation in many environments. It doesn’t necessarily add any information. It’s telling someone you are already taking note of what he/she said.

ok meme

This meme can be used when someone is satisfied with something. Being “satisfied” means feeling like you have enough of something and being happy. To express what makes you feel happy, use the word “with”: I worked hard on it, and I’m pretty confident with the results.

ok meme xzibit

When you are delighted with what your friend is telling you, you can always send him/her this smiling ok meme.


Don’t be afraid to ask your friends if he/she is ok, a lot of people don’t like sharing what is bothering them lol. You can be a lifesaver by asking this question.

its-ok meme

Are you kidding me? A drunkard is not always ok; sending this meme to your friend who loves drinking on Fridays is another way to crack him up.

Ok Hand Sign Memes

If you are looking for OK Hand Sign Memes, then you have come to the right place. Throughout many parts of the world, the hand gesture made when connected one’s thumb and index finger into a circle while holding three-finger straight up is considering synonymous with the word “OK,” signifying that “all is well.”

ok sign meme

Some people can be funny at times, to that friend of yours who don’t know what the sigh means, tag them this meme to mock them.

ok sign meme o k

We still have a lot of people who don’t what the sign represent lol, if you have a friend that falls into this category, tag him or her this meme.

ok meme funny

I mean, if you aren’t sure it will, and I mean even if you’re not convinced by what he or she is saying, there’s too much happening here. 

ok hand sign trump

Donald Trump made a distinctive hand gesture; It isn’t a white, supremacist gesture. it’s a gesture that means OK.’

ok hand sign meme spiderman

This sign means a Good job. Good talk, SpiderMan: I’m kind of busy all of a sudden but I’m sure they’ll be fine lol.

ok boss meme

A phrase used to agree with an elder or superior (e.g., boss) to annoy them. Often accompanied by patronizing chav style finger clicks.


It’s ok i guess lol, this happens when you are not sure of something, and you don’t want to say it’s not ok.

it'S ok meme no problem

You’re welcome, Sure thing, No worries, Cool, It’s all gravy, It’s all right, Certainly, Of course, That’s OK, No at all, Don’t mention it when you are 100% sure of something lol.

funny ok hand sign meme rambo

This meme goes to those that love watching Sylvester Stallone movie; you always use this meme to tell them ok lol.

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