Depression Meme

50 Depression Meme

For anyone who can relate, we wanted to round up some of the best depression meme on the internet to (hopefully) bring a smile to your face even if it’s just for a moment. Depression isn’t funny, but sometimes when you live with it, you start to cultivate a dark sense of humor to get through it. While it’s true memes can’t “cure” depression (especially when it feels crushing), they can sometimes give you a small reprieve amid your struggles. If you’re struggling today with depression and need help, try posting a Thought or Question on The Mighty to get support from people who “get it. If your depression feels “crushing,” these memes might make you laugh:

winter depression meme

The most common type of SAD is called winter depression. Share this meme with your relatives to inform them about winter depression.

when the depression hits meme

If you find solace in sad music when you’re struggling with depression, share this meme with friends to crack them up.

the office depression meme

It is hard for people who have not experienced critical depression to understand their emotional impact and severity.

postpartum depression meme

If you have a friend that her feelings of sadness and anxiety is extreme and has interfered with her ability to care for herself or her family. Share this meme with her.

manic depression meme

This is yet another amusing way to put a smile on that friend of yours face who can’t differentiate between depression ad manic lol.

it's the depression meme

If you have a girlfriend that feels the need to be the center of attention at all times. Share this meme with her.

i have severe depression meme

You can save someone’s life by sharing this meme with friends online. severe depression and suicidal thoughts are real.

i have depression memes

Many do nothing when depressed but depression tends to make you feel guilty about it.

holiday depression meme

Going for a holiday is one of the antidotes to depression lol that is the reason why some people don’t take holidays for granted.

hiding depression meme

Some people are good at hiding their depression most especially the mothers. Share this meme with mothers to crack them up.

funny manic depression meme

One of the major things that causes depression is when you are out of cash lol, share this meme with your colleagues to brighten their day.

funny depression meme

One of the benefits of having lively friends is that they won’t allow you to be depressed whatsoever lol.

eeyore depression meme

Raining day again, sharing this meme with those that always feeling depressed on raining day is another excellent way to crack them up.

drinking depression meme

It’s difficult to pin down how alcohol interacts with depression because there are probably many forms of depression.

depression time meme

There are absolutely people who do not have the predisposition to depression. Share this meme with any of them you know lol.

depression is real meme

This is another great meme you can use to crack a lady up, they are always too emotional about anything they post online.

depression nap meme

From the annoying things people say to how exhausting your to-do list is, people, don’t understand how you could ‘be depressed.

depression dog meme

There’s no doubt about it: dogs can be depressed. Whether the problem is a parent leaving for work or the loss of companionship.

depression anime meme

This is yet another simple way to mock ladies lol, some of them don’t joke with what they post online lol.

depression and anxiety meme

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And then hopefully you’ll feel just a little bit less alone in your struggles.

cured my depression meme

It can be funny sometimes when you suffer from depression and someone tells you to cheer up lol, that is one of the greatest talks you can ever receive for your loved ones.

chronic depression meme

Short days and blustery cold temps can make everyone yearn for Spring. But winter is far worse for people with seasonal disorder.

Crippling Depression Meme

Here are the collections of Crippling Depression Meme we have put together for you. I’m sure you’ll understand. People with depression rarely show how they feel. Crippling depression is clinical depression (major depressive disorder) that is severe to the point of limiting basic functioning, including the ability to work and live normally. Some of those afflicted experience episodes that last for a few weeks or months, as in after a loss or the death of a loved one. In other cases, crippling depression is resistant to treatment and becomes a lifelong struggle.

when you've got a job interview... crippling depression meme

Most people who suffer from depression go through a period in which they need to convince others that they are not depressed.

it's 3am i should go to sleep, my crippling depression

Sleeping at night is always difficult for those going through a depression lol if you have a friend going through such, share this meme with him or her.


Acting like everything is fine (putting on fake smile) takes its toll, but it’s common for those who suffer from depression.

i have pen i have a apple i have creepling depression

This meme depicts the extraordinary amount of pressure on people to have everything in life figured out. The reality is that at any stage in life, a person can feel lost. Those feelings of not having a direction or ambition can cause a great deal of anxiety, which often leads to depression.

i have crippling depression memes

When one is depressed, they feel very vulnerable. Depression causes plenty of scary feelings and because of that vulnerability, it can feel safest to cut yourself off from the world.

i have crippling depression meme

While people mean well, without proper understanding and empathy it can be easy to give misguided advice to a person who is depressed. This depression meme speaks to that. One of the lies about depression is that if you just do things that make you happy, then you won’t be depressed.


Depression can sneak up on you at any time. Even when everything is going well in life and there are many reasons to feel content and happy, depression can rear its ugly head.

donald trump has finally come out, crippling depression meme

This is yet another depression meme you can share with friends that you have finally come out from depression.

depression mask meme

If you have major depression, here’s a crippling depression meme I’m sure you’ll understand. People with depression rarely show how they feel. Someone may look fine on the outside but is hurting and suffering on the inside.

Seasonal Depression Meme

Without a doubt, seasonal depression is real. Here are selections of Seasonal Depression Meme we have put together for you which you can share with friends and relatives to make them happy. Seasonal depression is no joke. The sun is setting at 4 pm, it’s cold and it’s dark. It’s easy to feel hopeless. So reach out. Talk to friends.

winter - me - seasonal depression - me

Share this meme with those that feel like a completely different person depending on the season.

when you post a meme that isnt about crippling seasonal depression... seasonal depression meme

When you post a meme that isn’t about crippling depression lol. Everyone who has lived with crippling depression has a unique experience, but there are some common threads such as difficulty sleeping or getting out of bed.

when seasonal depression joins forces - seasonal depression meme

When seasonal depression joins force with regular depression, it’s not uncommon for a person to isolate themselves from the world and from the people who love them. It can be hard to believe that others want to be there for them, even if they intellectually know some people care deeply for them and want them to be well.


Feelings of depression and negative mood affect many people during the holidays. For those that don’t go out to have fun.

seasonal depression meme

Millions suffer from depression in summer as well as winter, you can’t have seasonal depression if you are depressed all year.

seasonal depression is so real - seasonal depression meme

Seasonal depression is real, share this meme with your friends during winter to crack them up lol.

not sure if seasonal depression or winter is comming

Seasonal depression is not just a winter phenomenon. For some people, summer weather can be a trigger for depression.

my-seasonal-depression-when-it-sees-the-sun-go-down-at 5.30pm

If you’ve ever noticed that your moods are impacted by the weather forecast, you’re not alone.

i-have-seasonal-depression-so-you-mean-yours-goes-away-seasonal depression meme

Telling your partner you have a seasonal depression is one of the hilarious things you can ever tell her lol.

funny seasonal depression meme

When seasonal depression hits you lol, a lot of thought will come to your mind lol. killing one’s self is not the solution.

Spongebob Depression Meme

Check out our Spongebob Depression Meme that we have put together for you which you can use to brighten up the day of those that are feeling depressed. These memes will hit you where it hurts! Right in the feels. Just like Patrick and Spongebob somehow became the epitome of insanity in their daily attempts to remain as bumbling and gormless as ever, we have an endless supply of this hilarious meme to supply you with.

when you're sad for no reason and someine asks what's wrong

This is a situation when you feel sad for either no particular reason or many reasons! The bottom line is sadness is addictive.

when you think you're depression free -spongebob depression meme

When you’re going through a tough time it’s normal to feel down for a while, emotions like sadness and grief help make us human.

when both you and your friend are severely depressed - spongebob depression meme

This funny depression meme may bring a knowing smile to your face because you understand that insomnia, hypersomnia and sleep issues are common symptoms of depression.

spongebob depression gif

People with depression struggle to manage stress and anxiety. It’s hard to relax and to feel comfortable. The depressed mind always finds a way to cause inner turmoil.

reduce depression and anxiety with physical activity

You can always reduce depression and anxiety with physical activity.

me-i-want-to-be-happy-and-live-my-depression-spongebob depression meme

Depressed feelings can often be masked by other emotions, like anger. Sometimes anger outbursts are manifestations of deeper feelings of depression.

me i'm finally starting to feel happy and stable again... my depression & anxiety spongebob depression meme

If you ask someone to name two common mental health problems, chances are they will think of anxiety and depression.

I'm ready depression - Spongebob Face

Many people with depression also suffer from anxiety symptoms, disturbed sleep, and appetite and may have feelings of guilt or low self-worth.

I have crippling depression At night

This is yet another hilarious way to tell your friends that you have a crippling depression at night.

spongebob rainbow depression meme

Many people with anxiety will also develop depression, and it’s important to treat both conditions. share this meme with friends to put a smile on their faces.

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