Slots vs Horse Racing: Which One Is More Profitable?

Horse Racing

The growing number of online betting opportunities means that there are no shortage of options for punters looking to gain returns from their selections. However, there are no more popular betting opportunities online than horse racing betting and making wagers on slot titles. 

Both can be extremely lucrative if played with a sensible strategy, but which of the two betting options can be more lucrative for bettors?

Horse Racing

Fixed-Odds Betting

There are two types of horse racing betting available online, with the most popular being found in the form of fixed-odds wagering. Here, bettors will take the price offered by the sportsbook, meaning that they will know exactly the returns that they will get from their wager if their selection is correct. 

Fixed-odds betting is the most popular among all gamblers, as it also enables wagers to be placed on a number of long-term investments, with a growing number of sportsbooks enabling bets to be placed on the biggest Grade 1s before the fields are officially declared. 

This can be an extremely lucrative betting option for punters, as they can find excellent value in their selection, even if they are the favourite at the prices. Meanwhile, it could also enable experienced and knowledgeable bettors to find excellent prices on runners that they have been tracking for an extended period. 

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Pari-mutuel Betting

The other type of betting is pari-mutuel wagering, which will see all bets from bettors going into a pool. The returns are then determined by the number of wagers placed on the winning selection. 

This is a slightly more unknown territory for gamblers, as the returns that they will receive from their selection is random, compared to fixed-odds betting where bettors will know exactly the returns that they stand to win. Normally people waging use a horse racing payout calculator to assist them.

However, pool betting remains exceptionally popular, as it offers a more fluid betting opportunity. Therefore, while a bettor may stand to win less on a winning favorite, the returns for an outside selection could be greater in pari-mutuel betting compared to fixed-odds wagers. 

Mechanics Of Slot Machines

Slots can also be extremely lucrative, but it comes at a slightly more random chance than when wagering on horse racing. All titles that can be found at the leading sides are governed by Random Number Generators, and this ensures that all spins are unpredictable and fair to the player. 

These number generators correspond to the reel positions available, with a player’s spin locking in a different RNG, resulting in a different outcome. The odds available to players when playing these types of titles is determined by the Return to Player percentage shown. The RTP shows the proportion of money wagered on a slot that will be paid back to players after an extended period. 

Therefore, a higher RTP reflects that there is a greater chance of players winning returns on the title in the long run. However, the RTP will differ from game to game, which means the biggest piece of research that bettors can conduct before playing these titles is to find the titles with the highest possible chance of success. 

Tactics vs Luck?

Slot games are most about luck, as there is no full-proof way to land victories on titles over a sustained period of time. Therefore, it is potentially more lucrative to bet on horse racing, as you can win greater funds over an extended period of time if carrying out the required research. 

This is a big plus in the favour of horse racing, as betting on the sport sees punters rewarded for doing extensive research before making their selections. 

The randomness that comes with betting on slots meaning that players will need a lot of luck to gain one big win on a total. However, the funds won through a jackpot success on one slot game could easily outweigh the returns from a single bet on the horse racing. 

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Excitement Levels

One of the biggest factors that both horse racing and slots have in common is the fact that both can be exceptionally exciting to those playing. There is nothing that comes close to roaring your horse home in one of the big races on the calendar, anticipating that your hard work could finally be rewarded with the returns from the hard work during research. 

Meanwhile, slots games are also incredibly exciting, as players will believe that they have a chance of winning returns after pressing spin. Those adrenaline levels will continue to rise as each reel stops, with huge levels of excitement felt if you manage to gain the required reels to land a jackpot prize. 

Overall, both horse racing and slots can be extremely lucrative. However, for the prior, bettors will need to conduct extensive research before investing in their selection. Meanwhile, big slots win will be down to luck, and playing the right game at the right time. 

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