The Role of Dispatching Services in Freight Management and Vehicle Monitoring

Dispatching Services

We suggest that you first figure out who the dispatcher is. This is a person who searches for cargo, communicates with customers and truckers, plans a practical route, does paperwork, issues invoices, and manages a fleet, plans step deck loads. We tried to describe his duties briefly.

As you can see, dispatchers have a lot of responsibilities, given that we have described only the most key ones. Trucking dispatcher will definitely take your business to a new level of efficiency and growth, because they not only do their job, but also attract new customers. Thanks to the dispatching service, the business of the transport company and the owner-operator can make a significant profit and expand the field of activity. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Dispatching Services

Dispatcher: who is he, and what is his role in logistics? 

What is dispatching? Well, the main task of the cargo dispatcher is to ensure the total workload of the entire fleet. That is, they make sure that all trucks are always on the move and fulfill orders so that truckers have a lot of work that the business makes a profit. They negotiate with potential customers, look for profitable cargo and offer customers favorable terms of cooperation. If the dispatching service in your company will work for a percentage, then it will be beneficial both for you and for specialists. After all, it will be in their interests to find the most profitable cargo for you and provide truckers with as much work as possible.

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What about dispatch management services?

You’ve probably come across this concept, but what does it mean? This is the dispatch process and communication between the customer and the transport company. In this process, dispatch service responds effectively to customer requests, their proposals, to changes in work and in the fleet, to the problems of the trucker during delivery, etc. Dispatcher management always helps keep abreast of the pulse, correct mistakes, and improve customer service. Dispatch services are in touch 24/7 with everyone if there are the slightest problems or questions.

What are the duties of a cargo dispatcher? 

It is essential to note right away that the responsibilities may be different. It all depends on which dispatch service you choose, on the size of your transport company,  on the terms of your contract, and on the needs of your business. In principle, the rule works here: the smaller the company, the more responsibilities the dispatcher has. After all, there are few employees in small transport companies; there is no sales department, and there is no accountant who deals with invoices, which means that a dispatcher should do all this. 

So, what duties can this specialist perform? 

  • Communication with clients

It includes drafting a proposal for a client, calculating the cost of service for an individual buyer, defining dispatched order, logistics solutions, and communication with potential and already loyal customers about offers or delivery status. 

  • Dispatch planning

If the dispatcher works with a large fleet, he creates a schedule for trucks so that none fails and does not stand idle for a long time. Dispatchers also plan and optimize the route. This is an essential and challenging task because it needs to take into account the size of the cargo, the type of truck, weather conditions on the road, dead spots, road repairs, laws of different states, downtime at the border (for international deliveries), traffic rules and regulations for the movement of large-sized trucks on some roads. They do it using delivery dispatching tools. 

  • Accounting

The dispatcher will fill in reports and documents, create invoices, track their payment, and enter it in the ledger if there is no separate specialist for this.

Why do you need dispatchers?

You may think that you or other employees can perform the dispatcher’s tasks. However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Every year, customer expectations are growing, the logistics market is increasing, and the need for delivery is increasing. And if you want to make your business profitable and big, then you will definitely need the help of the dispatcher service. 

  • Hot spot delivery

There are such cargoes and industries in which the mandatory condition for delivery is speed. And we are not talking about the usual delivery from Amazon in one day. We mean delivery for agriculture, construction, and production, where it is necessary to deliver the cargo quickly. Being late can be very expensive for the client. Independently organizing such urgent transportation is not an easy task. But the dispatcher will handle it well. 

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  • High customer expectations

If you want to have satisfied customers who return to you again and again, you cannot afford to slow down the delivery or cancel it.

So, the dispatcher service workers are responsible for many processes in the transport company. They take entirely over the operation work, creating from it a well-coordinated system in which everyone is happy: the business owner, the trucker, the client, and the broker. Transportation of goods is a complex business with a lot of challenges that are not visible at the very beginning. However, we are sure that you have already felt the total weight of the operational work. Therefore, we suggest that you stop suffering and slow down your growth, hire cargo dispatchers, and start developing in the transport business.

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