Laser Eyes Meme

18 Laser Eyes Meme

The Laser Eyes Meme is famous all over the Internet and has shared in various social media and photo-sharing sites. The eyes in most of the laser eye memes are red, but there have been a bunch that used different colors too. They’re often created in photoshop using built-in effects, or by using a red glow png with a transparent background (which is how this meme maker works). Glowing Eyes is a photoshop meme in which the eyes of various people, characters, and animals are edited to appear as if they are glowing with radiant energy, mimicking a common trope found in multiple animated films and television shows.

How to make laser eyes meme?

Ever wish you could shoot lasers out of your eyes? Of course, you have. While we can’t grant that exact wish, we can help you look like you get that don’t mess with me, glowing eye look. Check out the step-by-step instructions to make your laser eye meme. 

1. Download Picsart for iOS, Android, or Windows.

2. Tap on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and open your picture.

3. Tap on the ‘Lens Flare’ icon on the bottom navigation bar and choose your favorite. Drag it over one of your eyes and enlarge it.

4. Repeat step 3 on your other eye, then tap ‘Apply.’

5. Tap on the ‘Mask’ icon on the bottom navigation bar. Find the ‘Sunset’ Mask under ‘Lights,’ then tap ‘Apply.’

6. Tap on the arrow in the top right corner when you’re done, then save your edit and share it on PicsArt with the hashtag #LaserEyes. also has a simple laser eye meme-making tool. When you enter the website, Simply drag and drop an image onto the page, or paste an image URL anywhere on the page, and then you can add the lens flares / glowing eyes stuff, and then download your image – no watermarks!

laser eyes meme

Share this meme with your friends who want to shoot lasers after an eye surgery lol.

patrick laser eyes meme

When a new meme comes into your life, it’s a beautiful feeling. Share this meme with your friend that loves new memes.

cat laser eyes meme

If you dare someone to do something, you challenge them to prove that they are not frightened of doing it.

funny laser eyes meme

When you accidentally touch a piece of gum under the table lol, share this meme with those who stick old chewed-up gum under the table.

spongebob laser eyes meme

If you feel guilty about self-care, know this, mama: Taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury—it’s an essential part of being a good mom.

superman laser eyes meme

Let’s face it; we all want to be “cool” but not at the expense of being fake.

shaq laser eyes meme

This is another scary meme you can use to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

school laser eyes meme

When a teacher picks up pencils on the floor and the grounds, it not only helps her to supply the kids, but it gives her old bones some exercise in bending down and picking them.

red laser eyes meme

Most wildlife, especially monkeys, will become aggressive as they get older and may hurt you. Although baby animals are incredibly cute, they will grow up to become aggressive when they reach sexual maturity and can injure humans.

trump laser eyes meme

The most common length of a tweet back when Twitter only allowed 140 characters was 34 characters. Now that the limit is 280 characters, President Trump will be the happiest man in the world lol

laser eyes dank meme

This meme is hilarious during exams; you can use it to crack your friends up.

laser eyes cat meme

If you want to share a person with laser beam eyes lol, share this meme with the person.

laser beam eyes meme

During laser beam cutting, the material is locally heated by transferring the energy of the laser beam to the interacting zone.

i will kill you with my laser eyes

Even still, the burn would damage your vision, but it wouldn’t kill you. You’d need a laser much more potent than five milliwatts to do that.

funny laser eyes cat meme

Share this meme with those that like to eat with their pets.

dog laser eyes meme

If a dog has eyes that seem to be telling you something or demanding your attention, it could be evolution’s way of manipulating your feelings.

deep fried meme laser eyes

If you have a friend that likes making an original meme, share this meme with him.

anime laser eyes meme

The animated VeggieTales series that entertained millions of kids and parents during the 1990s is returning to screens this December.

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