Harry Potter memes

40 Harry Potter memes

Here are the best Harry Potter memes; this meme can mean a variety of different things. A lot of this memes rely on knowledge that only fans of the books or movies will have, while others are reaction images that convey a feeling or mood that is understandable just by looking at the meme. Most of these memes are pretty in-universe, poking fun at some of the characters’ most iconic lines and looks. There are also quite a few crossovers into real-life since Harry Potter has become so deeply ingrained in fans’ psyches. Why not ask someone on a first date what their Hogwarts house is? And why not reread the entire Harry Potter series for the 100th time? Nothing’s stopping you. You’ll always love the world Rowling made.

Funny Harry Potter memes

We have put together collections of Funny Harry Potter memes which can be used to put a smile on your lovely ones face. These are often used on social media to make inside jokes. When someone uses a meme like this, they know that fellow fans will understand the reference and get the joke. Since the fan base is so large, and the movies, in particular, occupy a prominent position in popular culture, it’s a reasonably safe bet that casual fans, and even non-fans, will recognize some Harry Potter memes.

hilarious Harry Potter memes

The Hilarious Reason Daniel Radcliffe was Cast As Harry Potter. You don’t need to play Quidditch to know he’s a keeper.

Harry Potter memess how i wanted my younger sibling to be

Sometimes we want our younger ones shorter than us so that we can be intimidating them.

Harry Potter memes you can't sit with us

When someone tells you, they hate Harry Potter: How dare you to talk to me! You filthy little witch! How dare you. You can use this meme to mock them.

Harry Potter memes why don't you have a boyfriend

I believe that Hermione should have fallen in love with Harry. She argues that he is NOT boyfriend material lol. Having a strict parent is not an excuse for not having a boyfriend.

Harry Potter memes voldemort getting ready fo his final

Voldemort’s previous killing curse only killed the Horcrux inside Harry. Why are the duels between Harry and Voldemort so lackluster when protecting his mind (which was Dark lords specialty to get in mind and make people weak).

Harry Potter memes rule breaking is only wrong

Rule-breaking only wrong when Slytherin does it lol. Slytherin is one of the four houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Funny Harry Potter memes

Most people hate being the third wheel, a.k.a. The sole single person is hanging out with a couple. You can tag your friend who is fond of doing that this meme.

Harry Potter memes ron i have a question

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you eat, it feels like you are never full up, and you are just always thinking about what to eat next. Tag that your friend who love overeating this meme.

Harry Potter memes me when my friend asks a harry potter question

Harry Potter is probably the biggest franchise of all time. There is this joy that comes to me whenever my friend asks me a question about harry potter.

Harry Potter memes is your flight delayed

Air travel is not always the smooth-sailing experience we’d like. Unfortunately, flight delays happen at times.

Harry Potter memes in public

There is no doubt about that; the way some of us behave in public is quite different from the way we behave at home. Specially when you do crazy thigs at home lol.

Harry Potter memes i have an army

I have an army lol; this is yet another simple way to crack your younger ones up lol.

Harry Potter memes i already know the truth

The feeling when you know someone is lying when you know the truth is priceless lol… If you have someone that falls into this category, you can use this meme to mock him/her.

Harry Potter memes hogwarts

So even if by some accident you see Hogwarts, no one else will ever hear about it, and quick as you like, you’ll not remember it either.

Harry Potter memes have you seen my make up

Albus, have you seen my make-up bag? What he should say “no, this is just my natural color.

Harry Potter memes hair like this

If you have hair like this but want hair like this, you must first, or you will have hair like this end up like. Send this meme to a friend that wants to have hair by all means.

Harry Potter memes find Luna

Luna’s good friends Harry and Ginny Potter also named their daughter and third. Luna reminded Harry about the Thestrals.

Harry Potter memes drunk alter ego

We all have a friend like this when he/she drunk lol send this meme to moke him/her

Harry Potter memes don't go to twilight

Don’t Go Into The Twilight. There are some clear categories of people in this world. People who love Twilight. People who hate Twilight.

Harry Potter memes are you reading harry potter again

It’s escapism like no other. From the moment we opened the first book and read the first page, we were hooked. The Harry Potter books are spellbinding and re-reading them is how we keep the magic alive.

Harry Potter memes are those shoes on sale

The meme reads, Ron, hold on! Are those shoes on sale? That was I, the actor, was thinking,” Radcliffe joked.

Harry Potter memes age is just a number

Salazar was angry about the fact that Muggle-born children should be allowed to attend Hogwarts, but he was outnumbered and Muggle-borns like Granger.

Harry Potter memes when i sees someone reading harry potter

All that aside, however, it’s still pretty exciting and awe-inspiring to see that, 20 years later, the Harry Potter books are as beloved.

Harry Potter memes when i get out of muggle school

Not all Muggles have their memories wiped, a wizard who mixed Jacob up in his quest to find and recapture a magical suitcase-load of escaped creatures.

Harry Potter memes what are you doing for valentine day

What are you doing for valentines day, this is yet another simple way to brighten your girlfriend face on valentines day.

Harry Potter memes trumpet

It was also Voldemort’s second attempt on Harry Potter’s life. The room to see Quirrell climb into the room, when he finds out they have seen him, he destroys the playing harp and wakes Fluffy. Ron tries playing the trumpet, but it doesn’t work.

Harry Potter memes she's a nightmare

If you have a girl who is like a nightmare to you, but you can do without her, you can use this meme to send some good laugh to her.

Harry Potter memes John Lennon was Harry Potter

This is another hilarious harry potter meme you can use to send some good laugh to your friends who love Harry Potter.

Harry Potter memes i am wizard

If you are looking for a way to put a smile on your classmate’s faces, send them this meme lol.

Voldemort memes

Are you looking for Voldemort memes, you have come to the right place. Voldemort’s Awkward Laugh refers to a scene towards the end of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, in which Voldemort, mistakenly believing that Harry Potter is dead, announces to a crowd of Hogwarts students and staff that Harry Potter is dead. His gathering of Death Eaters breaks out into laughter, which he joins in himself. The awkwardness of his laugh brought the scene popularity, resulting in GIFs of the scene being made, along with video parodies.

funny voldemort memes the one who lost his...

Only who have watched harry potter will understand the meme. It’s another emotional meme you use to brighten up your lovely one’s day.

voldemort memes

Look at all this flower, and i cant smell lol — obligatory Voldy nose joke of the day.

voldemort memes ran into the wrong wall

Why is Voldemort’s nose utterly flat in the Harry Potter franchise? And no, it’s not down to a Reducto spell gone awry or because he ran into the wrong wall at the train station.

voldemort memes i am the most evil hated person in the entire world

Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort: Why He’s the Baddest Villain Ever. Otherwise known as Lord Voldemort, the most awesome bad guy of all time.

voldemort memes voldemort killing harry poter

If any of you don’t know who this villain is, then I highly suggest you go watch. He does everything he can to kill Harry Potter.

voldemort memes pocahontus and voldemort have the same nose

This meme is hilarious send this meme to your friends to make them laugh.

funny voldemort memes

This meme is perfect with this scene lol. Send this hilarious meme to your friends to crack them up.

funny voldemort memes what kind of dark lord are you

If you had to serve one Dark Lord, who would it be? Which Dark Lord do you think of your service? Which Dark Lord’s goals do you agree with?

funny voldemort memes vegans be like

Vegans always feel healthy lol, Send this meme to your vegan friends to crack them up!

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