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50 Animal Memes

Animal memes are roaming all over the grassy plains of the internet. Lucky for us, they’ve got a wild sense of humor. In a world of pun dogs, evil raccoons, friendly pandas, and flirtatious ducks, Grumpy Cat still rules the animal meme kingdom. But it’s survival of the fittest here. Every four-legged creature is not only marking their territory, but they’re also trying to claw their way to the top. You can help us and the world determine which meme is the best animal meme on this list and the king of the Internet jungle. Some of the best memes out there are this meme — if not for their weirdly hilarious behavior, then definitely for their irresistible cuteness. All it takes is the perfect shot and the right funny caption to bring some human characteristics to an animal that would otherwise be clueless about how to be social!

Funny Animal Memes

You can make use of our collections of Funny Animal Memes. Themes are often used in two different ways. The first is to make fun of the animal’s natural appearance or behavior by exaggerating it. The second is to put the animal in a human scenario where it would have to use its animal brain and instincts to try to behave like a human. Make your lovely ones happy by sending it to them.

animal meme when mommy call someone else good boy

Young boys always feel uncomfortable whenever their mum call someone a good boy; most parent use it to mock their children anyway.

animal meme today i picked up a new hobby drawing stick figure arms on birds

The reaction is always priceless when you change that terrible hobby to good one lol.

animal meme the clothes rack at the store

The clothes rack at the store; we all did this! The best spot to hide lol.

animal meme standing in a queue and someone sneeze behind you

Standing in a queue and someone squeeze behind you, some people just like violating rules and regulation, You can send this meme to mock them.

animal meme someone on facebook used that snapchat filter on their cat

Most ladies can’t do without snapchat; you can use this meme to crack them up.

animal meme raccoons alwalys look like they are in the middle of telling a story

This situation happens when you are expecting someone to tell a story, but the person doesn’t know how to express his/herself lol.

animal meme me when i look in the mirror after 9000 degree shower

The reaction is always hilarious when you look at the mirror after a hot shower lol.

animal meme guys with feet like this have 125% chance of stealing your girl

Ladies cherish guys feet; there is no doubt about that, protect your girlfriend before they snatch her away from you.

animal meme going into the short week like

Going into a short week like, this meme goes to the lazy set of people that don’t like doing anything.

animal meme don't listen to that guy he's a hammerhead

If a girl started calling you terrible names, it is advisable to give her space because she is not interested in you.

animal meme day four the fusion is almost complete

The acts or process of liquefying or rendering plastic by heat lol, send this hilarious meme to your loved ones to make them happy.

funny animal meme sorry can't go out tonight i have so much to do...

When a girl doesn’t want to go out with you at night, you can’t force it because she will always have an excuse.

funny animal meme dog meme kick girlfriend

The reaction is always funny when your dog kicks your girlfriend in the face, and her dog laughed lol.

funny animal meme can't adult today

Adulthood is not easy; you get a lot of things to attend to, go to work almost every day and a lot of things.

animal meme you are so extra

Some guys can say anything to confuse a woman, most time they say what they are not sure of.

animal meme when you have to snile threaten your kid in public

Parents do communicate with there children with face in the public most, especially when they are doing something that is not good.

animal meme when you have a nice hat and someone mentions and feel you nice

You can always use this meme to put a smile on a girl that love wearing a hat.

animal meme when you are mad about something

It happens most times when you are mad at something, and you tell your mum, and she is insane too lol.

animal meme when you are drund af

When you are drunk, you have the confidence to do anything, make friend with anyone you see. That is the work of alcohol.

when everyone thinks you're wrong and a google search proves you right

When everybody thinks you are wrong but google proved them wrong lol. Sending this meme to that genius in your class is another way to make him/her happy.

Panda Memes

Have a look at our Panda memes to give yourself a healthy dose of Panda induced laughter. If you find any meme related to your situation then feel free to comment. Pandas are one of those fantastic animals of the world who are considered particularly cute after domestic cats and rabbits. Indeed there are many hilarious viral memes on the Internet, which are all too relatable to people. These memes will make you laugh hard as you can relate to them so quickly. These memes are about the daily struggle of life and regular situations you face in day to day life.

panda memes

Send this meme for girl you put extra mascara lol

panda memes funny its cool im just a panda

Its cool am just panda, Pandas are among the cutest of world animals, and so many people have found their pictures relatable to real-world events to go and make some awesome funny Panda memes.

panda memes panda be like please no touching

That laugh when you see your ex with someone uglier than you, you will be like i don’t want anybody to touch me.

panda memes its friday i give up

Its Friday, i give up, most time on Friday when you are tired from work. This is what happens.

panda memes funny

Are you kidding me, exam tomorrow and you are resting, don’t forget proper preparation prevent poor performance.

baby Animal Memes

Sure, funny baby Animal Memes are cute too, but the following funny memes are hilarious and are sure to brighten your day. I love memes, and funny animal memes are my personal favorite. Who could resist adorable images of cats, dogs, and other animals next to a witty tagline? I know I can’t!

baby animal memes

Land puppy, sea puppy, sky puppy. If you are looking for an adorable meme to send to a friend, you can send this meme.

baby animal memes when your bed is so comfy

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place of rest, rejuvenation, and comfort, and if you’re not getting several hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, I really, honestly feel for you.

baby animal memes step into showers

Stepping into the shower without checking the temperature is another fantastic way to crack a lady up lol.

baby animal memes say nothing

This happens when your friend commits a crime, and you are trying to cover up for him lol. Knowing fully well that you will be blamed for it.

baby animal memes cute meme

A cute animal meme is one of those thing things you can send to someone to brighten his or her day.

Cute Animal Memes

Our Cute Animal Memes Will Make You Laugh Harder Than They Probably Should. If You Don’t Laugh At Any Of These memes, You Don’t Like Animals. The internet is choking itself with cute memes—but what about other, less photogenic animals like sharks, shrimps, and spiders? On the following slides, you’ll discover the funniest memes devoted to bears, geese, armadillos, and all the rest of the earth’s critters that don’t yet have their line of Purina pet chow.

cute animal memes

We always do this face when we know we right about something lol

cute animal memes when your friend forget to give you a blanket

Some friend can be so wicked when you come to pass a night in his place, use this meme to tag them.

cute animal memes when you show someone something you proud of

It pained when you are trying someone something, and it seems the person is not showing concern. lol

cute animal memes when you get called a good boy

One of the best things you can do for yourself this life is to be yourself; if someone will like you, he will surely like you.

cute animal memes we interrupt your day to share with you...

This is one of the hilarious memes you can use to interrupt someone day lol. He/she can’t help but laugh.

Animal Memes Clean

Here is the collection of Animal memes clean funny to make your day. We love animals, and we like animal memes. Memes have us wondering does this animal think like that. Either way, the memes have become a cult classic in every possible way. These Clean and Funny Animal Memes are meant to make your day. Sit back & enjoy a laugh with these funny memes from some of your favorite creatures and critters!

funny-animal mem-captions

I can kill you with my brain, this is another scary meme you can send to someone tormenting your life.

animal memes clean

Ladies love pink; you can send this adorable meme to your beautiful babe to make her happy.

animal memes clean funny

I just got my feather dry cleaned, sending this meme to your coworkers is another way to brighten their day.

Grab Hold of the Incredible Funny Dog Memes Clean Dad Jokes

You are calling all cat, dog, reptile, fish, and bird lovers! These hilarious animal puns will have you laughing so hard your pet will think something is wrong with you.


Lol, this meme goes to that friend of yours that doesn’t know how to lie.

Pet Memes

Our Pet Memes Are Cute, Funny, and Worth Looking At – World’s most extensive collection of memes and other animals. Is there a word for ridiculous and adorable? Ridicable? Adoriculous? Anyway, here are of the silliest cats and dogs doing delightful things. These Memes Are Cute, Funny, and Worth Looking At – World’s most extensive collection of memes and other animals.

pet memes me received a phone call and move to the other room

Mum of nowadays will like to know everything about their children most especially ladies lol.

pet memes i dont always chase balls but when i do i run into a wall

I dont always chase a ball when i do i run to the wall lol. Put a smile on your friends face with this meme.

pet memes alright just gonna have two tacos max

I feel like I may have gotten the same experience as others who have posted about the service. lol

pet memes when u hear noise outside

Use this meme to tag noise make you know in your neighborhood lol.

pet memes when someone shows u a long video

The reaction is always somehow when someone is trying to show you something and is not funny.

Hilarious Animal Memes

We have collected few very Hilarious Animal Memes; we hope you will enjoy them a lot, feel free to share the best one’s with your friends if you want to share some good meme you could always do so by downloading it. Animal Memes That Will Make You Laugh Harder.


Uber driver drivers can be annoying most times, the situation when you are in a hurry and he is not moving the car as he ought to.

hilarious animal memes

You can use this meme to mock those ladies that can do without mirror lol.

hilarious animal memes draw me like a french girls

It pained when you ask an artist to draw you, and he brought some difference.

Grasp the Beautiful Supper Funny Animal Memes

Make people around you laugh with this adorable meme.


Carrot is one of the best fruits that is the reason most people can’t do without it most especially guys lol.

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