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56 Star Trek Meme

Star Trek meme are epic and super hilarious, Kudos to all the fans and creative minds who have made these. The memes are all over the internet and we have picked out the best for you to look through. Fans all over the world have taken a lot of time and effort to create these famous memes for all of us to enjoy. Sure, The Last Jedi is the big thing everyone’s talking about right now, but sometimes you just want your science fiction a little more focused. For more than 50 years, the adventures of various officers of the futuristic Star fleet have ruled many a nerd’s television sets. A pop culture phenomenon, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek has kept science fiction fans glued to their seats, following along with their favorite Captains as they set out on missions to explore the galaxy and forge alliances with new and strange lifeforms. Though the original series spent decades as a cult classic that spawned a successful film franchise, 1987 saw Star Trek truly explode into something magnificent.

What is Star Trek Meme

Star Trek is an American science fiction franchise created in 1966 by Gene Roddenberry. The franchise began with a television show that aired on NBC from 1966 until its cancellation in 1969. From there, it gained a massive cult following, ballooning into a larger pop culture phenomenon, through a variety of outlets including four other live-action TV series, an animated series, video games, books, and eleven feature films, with a twelfth in production.

you know you're a geek... star trek meme

You know you are a geek when you would rather meet Cardassians than Kardashian, you can compare their beauty though but the real fan will prefer to meet Cardassians.

wtf star trek meme

While there were plenty of humorous moments on the popular series and films that followed, these memes add a new twist of funny. Don’t forget to share it with friends.


Sharing this meme with For Star Trek fans, is another fun way to mock them lol, Does the first season sucks?

tarantino star trek meme

Everybody know Quentin Tarantino like put violent scene when he direct a movie lol.

surprised star trek meme

It’s for you captain, federation department of child support, crack that lovely brother of yours up with this meme.

star trek trump meme

What the trump says is unimportant, are you kidding me, you can always put a smile on Americans with this amusing meme.

star trek riker meme

Beard grooming has never been so easy: share this lovely meme with your friends with a beard to put a smile on their faces.

star trek picard meme

Go Home You’re Drunk meme is one of the funniest memes you can ever share on social media, it can also be used to mock drinkers.

star trek nerd meme

No one has the superb slate of nerd shows, and the money to make them, like Netflix. For those that love nerds show. Tag them this meme.

star trek meme cartoon

Sharing this meme with the love of your life is another way to crack her up lol.

star trek love meme

You either love Star Trek, or you are wrong. Only fans can relate, if you are not yet a fan, it’s not too late for you lol.

star trek klingon meme

Discover how to tease your loved ones with this hilarious meme. And the young human call this mini dab.

star trek government meme

You will learn why they thought we need a government in the first place. Stronger and smarter people might try to take away other people’s lives. Share this with friends to brighten their day.

star trek gay meme

If you have a friend that is planning to become gay, tag him this meme to crack him up.

star trek funny meme

As with all things, the hilarious meme has taken over internet, and something like this Star Trek led to some of the best memes out there.

star trek friday meme

Friday is the day the majority of people like most, sharing this meme with your colleague who is having a bad day at the office on Wednesday is a good a to put a smile on his face.

star trek fart meme

Excuse me, Mr. Spock, my shart was a little flat. She asked, knowing the odds were overwhelming that he shouldn’t.

star trek disney meme

You got bought by Disney, sorry pal. You are on your own, but I want you to be able to get your positions set up before the real numbers from Disney Plus come in.

star trek coffee meme

This meme goes to the coffee lovers, share the meme with them to put a smile on their faces.

star trek christmas memes

Get the whole neighborhood involved with this meme, something to the feast, and spend the day getting the Christmas decorations put up together. Don’t leave the kids out–plan Christmas party games for them, too. lol

star trek captain meme

This is funny, depending on your carrier, you could be able to buy mobile data through your Settings app on your phone. Your carrier sets the prices and choices.

star trek captain kirk meme

Dig three graves there, I will explain to you later, you must be kidding, scare your friends online with this meme.

star trek android phone meme

My android phone comes with unlimited data, you can always use this meme to tease your follower on Instagram.

set the expresso machine to stun. star strek meme

Only fans can relate this lovely meme, make sure you share it online to brighten someone’s day.

scotty meme star trek

If you have a friend that takes alcohol all the time, tag him this meme to put a smile on his face.

patrick stewart star trek meme

Share this amazing meme with friends,One of the titles is Star Trek: Reliant and the other is Star Trek: Destiny Reliant as the name of Khan’s stolen Federation ship from Star Trek.

khan meme star trek

Khan is one of Star Trek’s greatest villains. One of history’s most notorious dictators, Khan Noonien Singh was a genetically-bred “superman” of Earth’s India in the late 20th.

i had an ipad before it was mainstream... star trek meme

This meme goes to those that love to brag with their Ipad, sharing this meme with them is a cool way to mock them.

hey spock knock knock... star trek meme

This is another great star trek meme you can share with fans all over the world.

funny star strek meme

Sharing his meme with couples that don’t trust each other is another fun way to mock them.

star trek android meme

Star Trek was in advance with their time they already had cellphone lol.

females star trek memes

Shut up unless you have brought coffee if you have a friend that doest talk unless you give her a cup of coffee, tag her this meme.

females star trek meme

Only a fan can decode this amazing meme lol, don’t forget to share if any fan near you, you will surely brighten their day.

ensign nog the finest ferengi lieutenant starfleet ever had ...

This meme adds a new twist of funny. This is one of the memes that you’ve got to check out.

Star Trek Birthday Meme

Check out the collections of Star Trek Birthday Meme we have put together for you, with this meme you don’t have to look for another way to send some good laughter to birthday celebrant lol, let the hilarious meme do the talking. This meme is the best way to wish a happy birthday nowadays to a close friend or a family member.

star trek meme kirk birthday memes

Happy birthday, use this knife to cut your cake, this is one of the best things you can offer a birthday celebrant, believe me, he/she can’t help it but laugh.

star trek meme kirk birthday meme

If you want to wish your sexy lady a happy birthday in a sexy style, tag her this meme.


Share him this meme if you want to make him happy on his next birthday.

i know it's your birthday... star trek birthday meme

I know it’s your birthday and I know you will have a happy one, you can always celebrate with him with this perfect meme.

how-old-congrats-on-reaching-anage-that-doesnt-mean-anything... star trek birthday meme

The reaction is always amusing when you share this meme with her on her birthday.

gaz wat could you have said... star trek birthday meme

If you want to wish that friend of yours a happy birthday in a cool way, share her this meme.


If you are not ready to send him/her birthday gift, share this meme with him, he will understand lol.

don't just wish for an awesome birthday make it so

This is another one of the hilarious way to wish him a happy birthday. If you looking for more Star Trek birthday meme check this page.

Star Trek Red Shirt Meme

Here are the Star Trek Red Shirt Meme we have put together for you. The original Star Trek series is famous for its red-shirted characters always dying first. Here are the funniest memes about the trope. A “redshirt” is a stock character in fiction who dies soon after being introduced. The term originates from the original Star Trek (NBC, 1966–69) television series.

wearing red shirt not beaming down - star trek red shirt meme

Wearing a red shirt not beaming down. One of the more famous examples pokes fun at the fact that characters who wear red shirts

star trek red shirt memes funny

The meme has made an unparalleled impact in pop-culture – but for all the serious love, there are also plenty of jokes.

star trek red shirt meme

If you were a ‘redshirt,’ you weren’t long for this (or any other) world. Because misfortune can be hilarious

spock decides to kill a redshirt... star trek red shirt meme

Spoke decide to kill a redshirt is another great meme for the fan, they can’t help it but laugh.

It's dangerous to get alone. Take one of these

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. It is spoken by an unnamed old man, met in the very first cave of the game.

new white house staff uniform... star trek red shirt meme

The new white house uniform lol, share this meme with your friends and make them smile.

i didnt buy us enough star wars tickets... star trek red shirt meme

Everyone knows that Star Wars: I didn’t buy us enough star war ticket. pretty sure there will be no problem.

don't worry men you'll be fine - star trek red shirt meme

This is another great meme you can use to encourage your friends.

Star Trek vs star Wars Meme

Here are Star Trek vs star Wars Meme that will make you laugh a little too hard. There are some things you just don’t discuss at the dinner table, like religion, politics and most importantly, the Star Wars versus Star Trek debate. That stuff can divide families. There’s just something incredibly polarizing about these two space epics (and it ain’t the polarized light). One beautiful thing has been born of this heated fandom war, and that’s Star Wars versus Star Trek memes. Whichever side you stand on, it’s pretty hard not to find these hilarious, so we decided to collect our favourite for your viewing pleasure.

this is me when the star trek vs star wars nerds start fighing...

Whereas Star Trek looks to the future, portraying an advanced version of humankind taken to the cosmos. And this meme makes this difference infinitely clear.

star trek vs star wars meme

If you want to relax and just watch entertainment, go with star wars. If you want to enjoy something that’ll make you think, go with Trek lol. Remember to share it with friends.

star trek vs star wars meme funny

The technology of Star Trek is a tad more ahead-of-its-time (given that it takes place, you know, ahead of our time)

funny star trek vs star wars meme

When someone eats the cookies you were hiding, so painful. You will feel like killing the person lol.

Funny star trek star wars but worse Meme - star trek vs star wars meme

Donald Trump has said it all lol, you can use this meme to mock star wars fans.

say star war is better one more time... star trek vs star wars meme

Star war is better if you look at it from another perspective lol.

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