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40 Sloth Memes

Sloth memes have taken the Internet by storm with a large number of memes in categories from cute to naughty, to very naughty and I do mean very naughty. Sloth memes come in two primary genres, inappropriate and funny, though sometimes the two categories have been known to merge. The memes then are used to delight or surprise someone and maybe do both at the same time. Sloth cover a wide range of social interaction. They can be used to convey pleasant and warm social comment, to downright nasty and unexpected encounters. The sloth imagery is predominately pleasing, given our attraction to cute, cuddly animals. The sloth meme text, however, usually surprise us with the out of place references concerning the images.

Why are sloth memes so popular?

Sloths as a trend are by no means new, of course; indeed, Etsy notes that they’ve “slowly been on the rise since 2002 (thanks to characters in popular animated movies).” The trend report is referring to both Ice Age’s ground sloth, Sid (voiced by John Leguizamo), and Zootopia’s Flash (voiced by Raymond S. Persi) — Zootopia is much newer, of course, having hit cinemas in 2016, but the first Ice Age movie debuted in 2002. However, sloths’ rise in popularity is less due to films and more due to their meme.

sloth meme i'll show you where the monster goes

I will show you where the monster goes lol. As if you will wait if you see the beast.

sloth meme i am too lazy to stop being lazy

I am too lazy to stop being lazy lol. Find out the causes of laziness and learn how to stop being lazy. So the question is, do you frequently feel lazy or unmotivated?

sloth meme funny

I will sleep early and wake up with full energy on Monday morning. The way most people react when going to work on Monday amazes me at times. It seems as if Monday is going to be the worst day of your life.

sloth meme funny the reason your eyes water when your yawn...

This is another hilarious meme you can send to a friend that sleep too much.

sloth meme funny me looking at my friend as im being thrown out the bar

The reaction is always amusing when you see your friend being thrown out of the bar.

sloth meme feeln philoslothical

Who doesn’t love these furry creatures? We’d rather be napping all day too! Need to remind yourself you require a lazy day? Don’t feel guilty about it.

sloth meme everytime someone says exercise i hear extra fries

Everybody have them own vibe lol. Send this meme to your friends who think like that.

sloth memes

When you feel confortable in any positions to relax, you just want to save energy lol.

sloth memes i enjoy long romantic road

A romantic walk allows you to concentrate on what’s important each other. You can use this meme to send some good laugh to your friends out there.

sloth meme

When you try to be cute in a front of your children but the rain ruin everything lol…

sloth meme when you let your mom cut your hair

This is what happens when you have a stingy mother that won’t allow you to go to the barbershop lol.

sloth meme when you kinda slow...

When you are kinda slow but determined to graduate, a determination is a key, just because you are slow doesn’t mean you can’t graduate.

sloth meme sunday sloth day

A lot of people takes Sunday to be a sloth day because that is the only day they have time to sleep very well.

sloth meme sometimes it takes 8 hours to get nothing done

Sometimes it takes 8 hours to get something done. You can use this meme mock your fellow workers that are dull.

sloth meme someone call me lazy today i almost replied

Sending this meme to that friend of yours that is lazy is another way to crack him up.

sloth meme plan for this weekend

Some times we want to enjoy ourselves during the weekend, we dont want any disturbance lol.

sloth meme perfect slot doesnt exist

No sloth is perfect; It must be observed that the Sloth does not hang head downwards like the vampire.

sloth meme never give up on your dreams keep sleeping

Never give up on your dreams, keep sleeping, this is another hilarious meme you can use to crack your loved ones up lol.

sloth meme i've made it from the bed...

I’ve made it from the bed to the couch. There’s no stopping me now. My bed wasn’t feeling well this morning, so I had to stay. This meme goes to the lazy set of people you know.

sloth meme its sunday pyjamas all day

It’s not new, most of us don’t like going out of bed on Sunday.

Sloth Memes Clean

You can always make use the collections of Sloth Memes Clean we have put together for you. These memes are clean because it doesn’t contain vulgar words. It can be used to put a smile on your elderly one’s faces. Since sloths mainly live in trees.

sloth memes clean

If you have a friend that doesn’t like washing his towel, you can use this meme to mock him/her.

sloth memes clean ninja sloth

Sloth Ninja. Something about the idea of a sloth being a ninja fascinates me. This is another excellent meme to brighten someone’s day.

sloth memes clean i want a job cleaning

Cleaning mirror is all you can see yourself doing lol. You can use this meme to mock lazy people.

sloth memes clean i sleep a lot

Excessive sleepiness can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease.

sloth memes clean han in there buddy

If you have a friend you cared about, sending her is yet and simple way to express your feeling for her.

sloth memes clean good morning baby

This is another excellent meme you can send to that your beautiful girlfriend in the morning.

Sloth Birthday Memes

If you’re fascinated with the slowest mammals, here’s an impressive Sloth Birthday Memes collection you’ll enjoy and send to friends on their birthdays. Sloths might be slow, but they are fantastic. They eat lots of leaves, and they can live up to 20 years in the wild. They can swim, and they have this unique ability to turn their heads up to 300 degrees.

Thank-you-for-the-birthday-wishes sloth birthday meme

Celebrate your good-wishers with style as you use this meme for her. Let it be a unique way of you letting her know you love her.

sloth birthday memes

Give your sister this fabulous meme showing and reminding her that she is your partner in crime.

sloth birthday meme

Remind your father that he is the only amazing person in the world to you and that he is the one who always has your back.

sloth birthday meme is it your bday

If you do not want to wish your sister in the usual way others do and if she loves cake, you can want to her with this funny meme.

sloth birthday meme cute baby sloth

Creepy Sloth Memes

We have put together creepy Sloth memes collections that will brighten up your day. Most of the internet users love sloth memes! I hope no one gets offended, and I only like them cause they are funny. I think they are creepy looking and gross and slow and terrible.

creepy sloth meme

Just relax this is only the beginning lol. At this point, we can give in to our anxiety, and start again to read more but relax anyway, just on principle.

creepy sloth meme you got an inhaler

Asthma attacks get so much worse when you panic, your airways become more inflamed.

creepy sloth meme hey baby is your name winter

Hey, baby is your name winter lol, this is another beautiful way to crack your girlfriend up lol.

creepy sloth meme do you need a medic

A recruiter will be able to answer any questions you might have about serving in the Army and whether or not being a medic is the right fit.

creepy sloth meme do you like windows

If you have a friend, who is a computer guru, sending him this meme is another way to put a smile on his face.

Dirty Sloth Memes

This is the only place where you can find your Dirty Sloth Memes because we got your Memes lol. As the saying goes, “Meme, Keep Boredom Away.” Those looking to surround themselves with easy laughs this summer may want to consider sending our memes to loved ones. Taking full advantage of the new Internet meme sensation, it shows that sloth meme is taking over the internet.

dirty sloth memes

There’s nothing quite as glorious as waking up to a delicious homemade breakfast delivered straight to your bed.

dirty sloth memes they call me mister grape

This is another meme you can use to confuse your friends lol.

dirty sloth memes shhhh...

If you have a friend that plays too much, sending her this meme is another cute way to make her happy.

dirty sloth memes let me come around

If you have a friend that loves to come around, most especially ladies, send her this meme.

dirty sloth memes hey wanna come over and play

If you have a friend that loves to come around, send her this meme.

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