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If you have been feeling like you’re drowning in problems lately, stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. Relax and see this Seriously Meme collection that’s guaranteed to make you feel a whole lot better. Life is supposed to be fun. You shouldn’t let its challenges and problems affect you and how you view the world. You need to stop worrying and wasting time as there are better and more beautiful things that deserve your focus and attention. Go ahead and enjoy it! Even world leaders are not taken all the time seriously. However, when people are not taking you seriously, there are some things you can do to let them know that you are serious and that they should respect that. There will be people who will say that what you are serious about is nothing more than a joke; this will be especially true when those, with that negativity, don’t have all the facts. It could be that you know better than your doubters.

again seriously meme

Holy sh*t, seriously, not again! When you are not stressed out enough or dealing with enough in your life at this moment. You can’t deal with something like this right now.

why so serious

It’s easy to take ourselves too seriously in life, but that can prove harmful in the end.

When someone takes your joke seriously

Still, some people do take jokes seriously because they consider them the wrong way. You can always share this meme with them.

we demand to be taken seriously meme

No matter the reason, you need others’ respect to be successful. Learn to be taken seriously by being assertive, commanding respect.

take joke seriously meme

When your friend interprets the words in the joke in a strict and word-for-word sense, share this with that friend of yours that is fond of doing that.

Seriously-you-call-that art

What you’ll discover is that more often than not, people will take your art about as seriously as you do.


This is yet a hilarious seriously meme you can share with your friends about why having a conversation with them.


Share this meme with friends when you are serious about something, or when you are sincere about what they are saying, doing, or intending to do.

seriously what the hell is wrong with you people

Share this meme with those that lie, twist the truth, and stab you in the back to get what they want.

seriously though meme

This is yet another polite way to ask your friends if they are done with what they are doing.

seriously monday again

This meme goes to that who are not ready for monday, you can use this meme to put a smile on their faces.

seriously memes

When you open your newspaper or your news feed on your phone, and you see what ought not to be on the front page, you can use this meme to react.

seriously meme

Don’t you think so? Sure, jokes can be fun and heart-soothing sometimes, but when you play too much on anecdotes, you start taking everything not seriously.

seriously meme type

Ever feel like no one takes you seriously? Do your ideas get ignored? Do your questions get ridiculed? Share your friend this meme with friends crack them up.

seriously memes gif

To be successful in almost any field demands that you are taken seriously, you have to be serious about it lol.

seriously kid meme

This is another hilarious meme you can use to put a smile on people’s faces; with the reaction of the guy on the picture, they can’t help but laugh.

seriously kermit meme

You can always share this meme with a friend of yours who is lazy when it comes to studying.

seriously i'm at my limit meme

Sometimes we don’t need someone to hold our hand as much as we need them to tidy the kitchen we can’t face any more.

seriously face meme

Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway.

seriously dude meme

When your friend is telling something severe, and you want to keep the conversation going, share him this meme.

seriously cat meme

Share this cute meme with cat lovers to put a smile on their faces.


The truth is serious movie lovers still love a well-choreographed action scene.

omg seriously meme

When someone tells you something, and you are shocked, share this meme with the person.

no seriously meme

When our friend tells you something, and you don’t want to believe him, share him this meme.

kevin hart seriously

Life can undoubtedly get quite serious at times. It’s not always fun and games. Bad stuff happens to the best of people.

grumpy cat seriously again meme

When we take ourselves too seriously, we believe everything revolves around us.

funny seriously meme

There are some doubts about your relationship you should never ignore; you can use this meme to reply to your boo conversation.

don't take life too seriously meme

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out alive. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.

but seriously meme

Taking life too seriously leads to being stressed out, scared, angry, annoying.

bruh seriously meme

The world wants you to take your life seriously. Share this meme with friends to brighten their day.

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