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72 Weekend Meme

Who does not love weekends? We all do, and we all want it to be long-lasting, and that is, we have put together collections of Weekend Meme. Because we have so much fun with family and friends and after the weekend is over, Monday will be the monster waiting for us, and that monster is a hectic routine with which we have to cope ourselves; otherwise, we will be lost. But let us enjoy the relaxing weekend mornings and bashing evening get together and parties. We do not even want to think about Monday. Weekends are special for everyone as they bring happiness to us in the form of a family reunion, which won’t be possible on weekdays. So, let’s scroll and read all the fun memes about weekends.

Funny Weekend Meme

We have compiled a list of Funny Weekend Meme to make your long weekend even more enjoyable! Who doesn’t love long weekends? It’s the perfect time to go on a road trip, camping, boat ride, hiking, or tour outside of the country, many fun things to do with your friends and family.

working for the weekend meme

This is one of the statement workers don’t want to hear from their boss lol. Working on the weekend can show your boss you’re proactive about the job, but you can’t do it all the time.

where did the weekend go meme

For most of us, nothing is more exciting than the weekend. From Friday to Sunday, our thoughts go to the idea of relaxing, having adventures.

weekend plans meme

Yet often, when you reach the weekend, it tends to fizzle out and not quite live up to your expectations.

weekend over memes

This is another hilarious weekend meme you can share with friends who don’t want to come back to work and still enjoy the weekend.

weekend over meme

Sharing this meme with those that love to party during the weekend. But the time pass so fast the weekend is already over.

weekend meme

If you have a friend that treats you like this during the weekend, tag him this meme to mock him.

weekend is here meme

When you worked hard whole week and the weekend is finally arrived, the only plan you have is to do N.O.T.H.I.N.G!

weekend gone meme

Where has the weekend gone? Lol, share this meme with your colleague to put a smile on their faces.

ready for the weekend meme

One of the best moment for the a student is when he/she is working out of the school on Friday, lol, ready for the weekend.

memorial day weekend memes

Memorial Day is much more than just a three-day weekend and a chance to get the year’s first sunburn.

memorial day weekend meme

Memorial Day is often thought of as the kickoff to summer fun. Share this meme with friends to brighten their day.

lazy weekend meme

Whatever your Sunday is spent doing, enjoy and be thankful because that’s where you’re relaxed enough to let your brain make new connections.

labor day weekend meme

While many will be enjoying the three-day weekend, not all workers will be joining in on the fun.

it's the weekend meme

Smile, it’s the weekend. The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our weekend.

is it the weekend yet meme

This is yet a hilarious and straightforward way to ask if its weekend yet.

holiday weekend meme

Are you having a tough time returning to work after the long weekend? Share this meme with your colleague.

have a good weekend meme

You can always share this meme with friends anytime you have a good weekend.

good weekend meme

Weekends are great, and everyone loves them. We all have hobbies and wish lists.

girls weekend meme

A night with your girls is one of the most therapeutic things to look forward to at the end of a long week.

funny weekend over meme

The weekend is like a refresher for every person’s life. We all work six days a week to enjoy the weekend.

funny weekend meme

This reaction is always amusing when you share this meme with your friends on Friday morning.

funny girls weekend meme

If you have a friend that is waiting for a girls weekend, share this meme with him to crack him up.

drill weekend meme

Sharing this meme with a friend that loves to drink a night before drill weekend is another way to put a smile on his/her face.

birthday weekend meme

Looking for a hilarious meme to share with your colleague that celebrated her birthday during the weekend, tag her this meme.

being a diva on your birthday weekend ground breaking

Send your friends this meme and wish them a fun time ahead. Birthdays are never complete until you’ve sent this meme to a friend.

almost the weekend meme

Share this meme with your friends who can’t stop looking for the weeked lol.

4 day weekend meme

Having a 4 days weekend feel like vacation, share this meme with your friends who feel like days during a long weekend!

4 day weekend meme can i get an amen

Praise the lord for 4 days weekend, Amen!

3 Day Weekend Meme

Here are some 3 Day Weekend Meme to send to your coworkers or friends to get you in the three-day weekend spirit. Three day weekends, though few and far between, are like mini-holidays. How does the internet celebrate holidays, you ask? Through the ever-absurd language of memes, of course.


The reactions are always significant when you have a three day weekend.

when you realize it's a 3 day weekend

This is how we all feel after a three-Day weekend when you realize that the weekend is five days away.

three-day-weekend_when i become president

Everbody will be ready to vote for a president who will make maonday apart of the weekend lol. isn’t it?

funny 3 day weekend meme

Take one more days off relax and gets some beers!

Every-single-day-should-be-a-3-day weekend

This is to those that don’t like going to work, share this meme with them to crack them up.

coming into work on tuesday like - 3 day weekend meme

The face of the person looks so hangover when he gets up on the Tuesday morning after three day weekend. Share this meme with your friends who have the same face after a long weekend.

a weekend isn't cool - 3 day weekend meme

Long weekends are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you don’t have work on Monday. On the other, you now want to die twice as much Tuesday morning.


If you have a friend that always rejoice anytime there is three days weekend, share this meme with him or her.


Although shingles can occur anywhere on your body and to some people, three day weekend is the cause lol.

3 dat weekend is waiting

The reaction is always priceless when you heard that Monday is off, but the day when comes after the three day weekend still always .

Long Weekend Meme

We have a vast collection of hilarious Long Weekend Meme for you to celebrate the weekend and fill it with laughter and giggles. Feel free to share these fantastic memes with friends and colleagues at work on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media forums to inspire them with some humor.

that moment when you remember you have monday off

The reaction is always good when you realize that you have a Monday off. Many people modify their work arrangements also to have the Monday off.

work-long-weekend-long weekend meme

If you’re back at work after a long weekend away, and you’re having trouble getting excited about being productive again, this meme is for you.

that labor day long weekend feeling

It’s tough to have recovered from a long ended weekend because it’s like you have a wish to lose weight in seconds.

say goodbye to your long weekend

This is another hilarious meme a boss can share with its staff to crack them up.

one does not simply do work on a friday... long weekend meme

If you have a friend that doesn’t like working on Friday because of the long weekend, tag him this meme.

my job me long weekend

When your colleague is more concern about the long weekend rather than his job, tag him this meme to mock him.

it's friday and it's a long weekend

The smiles that come to your face when you have more days off in a week in a row that includes the weekend than you work.

funny long weekend meme

Most times, people spend a large amount of money over a long weekend;


There are no two ways about it: returning to work after a long weekend isn’t easy.

the monday after a long weekend

Returning to work after a long weekend can be difficult, be smart, get everything in order before you go to make the transition back smooth and straightforward.

Happy Weekend Meme

We have put together the collection of Happy Weekend Meme, which you can share with friends and colleagues of yours that always make you happy during weekends. People at work are always looking forward to the parties during the weekend when they can relax and enjoy to their heart’s content and be happy.

woohooww-end-of the day happy weekend

It is always good to have fun during the weekends because almost all your guests will be available.


This is yet another simple way to thank those that honored your invitation during weekend.

have a good weekend everybody

When wishing someone something pleasant, you should put some feeling, emotion into it by sharing this meme with them.

happy-weekend-im-on-call-half wit

The best you can ever get on a happy weekend is to cherish meme sent to you from your friends.

happy weekend cat meme

Sending meme for a friend is proof of participating in the celebration of a Saturday-to-Sunday rest.

happy weeekend star trek

Share this meme with your friend that always makes you happy during weekend.

It’s The Weekend Meme

It’s the weekend Meme be calm this weekend, as we about to share with you this hilarious meme to brighten your weekend. It’s the weekend, and it’s gone. It’s the weekend time for alcohol, and poor decisions engage it’s the weekend! What can you do forever? One can say that it is so pleasant to watch the river’s flow, to hear the sound of a bonfire, and to watch someone’s working. The same wonderfully fresh thing is the weekend, but, unfortunately, the weekends cannot go forever, and we suppose that there is no need for total procrastination for the whole life.

relax it's the weekend enjoy

The weekend is the time to relax and forget about work when the weekend arrives, its the best time to indulge yourself.

Its-the-weekend-you can eat your cake anyway you want

This is another funny weekend meme you can share with those that can’t do without cake.


Why not try to relax your troubled mind by taking a walk in the park. Don’t forget to share this meme with friends.

me on thursday it's almost the weekend

This is what happens when your boss is mean lol, you can share this meme with him to crack him up.

looks it's the weekend you are almost there buddy

For those that takes weekend as buddy, share this meme with them. If any of your employers are the type to expect that look, they’ll probably weekend free-for-all

when-its-the-weekend and you can finally sleep

Most of the people don’t get time to sleep during working days because of the nature of their work. Sharing this lovely meme with them during weekends is a way of putting smiles on their faces.

relax it's the weekend

Relax, it’s the weekend. With the reaction of this dog on the picture, the person you are about to send this meme can’t help it but laugh.

it's the weekend!

Most weekends are usually spent completely high on s*x, drugs, and alcohol to forget about your problems and the past five days of hell at work.

it's the weekend more hours in the day to study

This meme goes to those that love to study during weekends; you can use this time to encourage them.

it's the weekend i'm going to have a few quite drinks

If you have a friend that can’t do without drinking during weekends, share this meme with him to crack him up.

Have a Great Weekend Meme

We have put together collections of Have a Great Weekend Meme in which you can share with your loved ones to have a lovely weekend ahead. Cheers!!!! To the weekend ahead!! Have a lovely weekend, it`s going to be great, all you need to do is to believe.

hope-you-had-a great weekend

This is one of the hilarious ways to ask your colleagues about his or her weekend.


Every person needs some rest, and this time, you might need to get a good night’s sleep too. Share this meme with your team to have a lovely weekend.

Have a great weekend everybody. Oh, wait. It's Wednesday.

If you are a boss and you intend to put a smile on your staff’s face, share this meme with them.

have a great weekend dog meme

Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them. Share this meme with your loved ones to brighten their day.

have a great weekend cat meme

This meme goes to those that can’t do without cat, you can use this meme to put a smile on their faces.

have a fabulous weekend

Sharing this meme with a lady is another good way to put a smile on her face during weekend.

great weekend may you have

This is yet another simple way to pray for your colleagues, only few will understand.

great weekend meme

There are some expensive joke you don’t crack your staffs lol, sharing this meme with them is one of it.

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